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What is that stuff? and how does it work?

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Level 11
Aug 16, 2007
I've noticed a lot when editing tooltips and such, that there is some sort of code or something.

For Example: The Footman Tooltip as seen in World Editor
Versatile foot soldier. Can learn the Defend ability. |n|n|cffffcc00Attacks land units.|r

As far as I can see it changes the colour of the text, but I don't know how to make it a different colour or pretty much anything else about it.

I'm sure there's a tutoriol somewhere, but not know what it is called or how it works, makes it pretty hard to find one.

If anyone could tell me how that works or point me in the direction of something that can, that would be great! :thumbs_up:
Level 4
Dec 16, 2007
Yes that kind of code is a Color that changes the color of the text.

If you want to learn more just visit this site.and I am helping not advertising.OK?
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
download war3 model editor

Extras-> Color Text
enter a text chose a color and... you know
Level 9
May 28, 2007
Quick crash lesson

|c <- This initiate colour in WorldEdit, in almost any strings (meaning everywhere you see text, put this in front of it and it will apply a specified colour).

NOTE: In order for any colour to appear you have to have your code for the colour you want. Ex: |cff0080FF.

|r <- This cancels out colour.

Here is an example that is colour coded for ultimate understanding:
This text is |cffFF0000red|r, but this text is |cff00FF00green|r.
In WorldEdit it would appear as: This text is red, but this text is green

The light blue = Opening/closing the colour code, and the normal blue is the colour code itself, which specifies what colour to use.

I'd recommend another program called Color Picker. It's smaller, quicker to load, and in my experience works a lot better. You can get it here:
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
Doing modding on a Mac without boot-camp is hell. I used to have a Mac. I loved it, but dang, it ruins your modding experience for sure.
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