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Last Activity:
May 20, 2020
Oct 19, 2008


"The Power of Nature"

Ramsey was last seen:
May 20, 2020
    1. StoPCampinGn00b
      Ramsey, :cgrin:

      I've seen your map dev. thread about hosting on ent, but it doesn't exactly look like it stands a chance against the other appealing looking map dev. threads. Anyway, how are you?
    2. Orcnet
      So when do I start reviewing the map you want me to check? my apologies for forgetting the title. I have so many maps to check every time and then. :wink:
    3. Streak
      i can create an ai for your map but i cannot do it at this time im on vacation it will take a couple weeks maybe and i tell you when im ready.
    4. eubz
      You have to tell anyone that your map is protected, if its, not only me. It's in the rule for Map Uploads.
    5. eubz
      I would like to remind you of this for your future map uploads.
    6. eubz
      Is this map protected? You should tell us.
    7. eubz
      Also, just write 12 at Suggested Players not More The Merrier
    8. eubz
      The description is too much colorized. Can you at least, limit the colors of the small texts to white or no color at all (I mean, default color)?
    9. eubz
      link me to the map then so I can point it to mods.
    10. eubz
      The map is already approved.
    11. SuicideRey
      Hey man i see u stopped doing that awesome map zombie defence that pretty much sucks but well...could send me a unprottected version of it me and my friends like it a lot so we think we can add some stuff etc u no so please if u can send the unprottected version good luck (smertidet@yandex.ru my mail)
      Thx in advance
    12. jupi9999
      thats great but will you continue your map and have a nices time with your girl
    13. jupi9999
      hi how is your map going?
    14. LsK_LaDyGaGa
      its no problem i wish you the ebst in your endeavours =) and the ehlp withe laderboard ahsnt come up glitchy yet but you msised a steps aying show gamestats but its ok =)
    15. varsaigen
      welcome to Order of RP
      Create a civilization if you choose to (best bet), choose your race. We have had Alien, Zerg, Protoss, Humans, Shivans, Chozo (me), and even sheep. Just choose what you want to be :P and you ahve to start at a technological point where you can actually upgrade your tech. :P I find it helps to be scientific with the effects of devices and such, as it makes it more realistic, interesting, and challenging. Though we have had people (like Darkiron, the creator of the RP) bend the laws of physics to his uses (general godmodding included)

      So, I also advise you to find allies. :P Things can get tough :P (Misha left, so now I have no ally :/ But I am still doing rather good considering :P) So, with that out of the way, Welcome to order of RP! :D Happy Shooting! :D
    16. LsK_LaDyGaGa
      ok ia dded your zombie sig as my own if you dont want me too just tlel me and illc hange back maybe thisllg et you some rep and some xytra fans =)
    17. LsK_LaDyGaGa
      wow this visitor message palce is sooo busy.... lol jkjk =) yiou shoudlg et in a few gorups make mroef riends =)
      edit: if you like ill out your map in my sig to get more pubicitty =)
    18. LsK_LaDyGaGa
      i wuv you =) ty for helpw itht rigger ills e eif it works! if it dont ill justa sk for a trigge rmapt y btw! wanna be friends?
    19. Ramsey
      why u need the gif? dont copy me
      o and by the way go to my map comments and read the last one by me
    20. DarkAngelAzazel
      Yeah your avatar rocks. Could you send me the gif file??

      Lots awesome
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    Kirin Tor


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