What do you think of this Omnislash idea?

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Level 3
Jul 3, 2011

That's the map. In this map, 24 spells are divided into 3 categories: Strength, Agility, and Intel.

- Strength Spells emphasize stun attacks and staying alive as long as possible.
- Agility Spells focus on buffing physical damage output and avoidance ( avoid attacks with spells like Invisiblity or Mirror Image )
- Intelligence Spells focus on Nuking Projectiles with secondary disabling effects and Misc. Defensive Abilities.

In addition to 24 spells, there are also 9 Ultimates to choose from. Omnislash is one of them and belongs to the Agility Spells category.

Omnislash is in effect for 10 seconds and during that time, you're invulnerable and each strike that deals damage ( HAS TO DEAL DAMAGE ) will trigger a teleportation to a random target.

You are not directed to attack a target and its possible to manually select a target to attack, but the teleportation may be too fast for that to happen. In that regard, players can simply opt not to attack and just run out of there with invulnerability in effect. There's no speed boost, so Omnislash's ability to do damage is completely dependent on your natural attack speed, natural physical damage output, and any additional buffs.

What do you think? Btw, I'm inviting people to give names to Heroes and Items in the game. You can also provide the Item Lore. Just don't give me crazy off the wall ideas please. :)
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