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Kilkakon made a cool icon, get it now

weaponized broken man
his own fault, he should've known better

"attack" and "stand ready" have different starting/ending frames because marine.mdx does and it works fine
not a lot of animations on this one
can be used as a hero or unit

upd1: added sparks, spell and stand channel work
upd2: added collision shape
upd3: added "Cinematic" item grab animation

Welder (Model)

Well-made and original model. Appears to work properly ingame. Good job!
Level 7
Oct 26, 2014
This is model of my dad; or for example, my future job!..

Actually, again, a very fresh idea of model and very creative job, can't wait to see your other models in release, that you posted on your media page. 5/5

UPD 1: Maybe he should have a little bit more of animations? Like Spell animation,for example, but this is only on your taste.

UPD 2: And, seems, like he have a little flame gun, rather than a weld gun, but i think it too hard to show a smoke and sparks on the welding target in wc3. Maybe only with particle emmiter?

And sorry, i did not want to be a rude on you, just a little thoughts on this model. =)

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Apr 2, 2010
Really like this model, using it as a worker for a modern warfare setting. The building animation is fantastic~

You said that you'd consider more animations if people suggested some, so here goes: I'd love an animation that has him leaning forward a little to grab an item at chest or waist height with his off hand (while holding his welder to the side) and putting it closer to his chest. Think of it like picking up items out of a crate or off a bench or something (my workers gather from bushes and crates, welding them doesn't make a lot of sense). Thanks for your consideration ^^