Watch Tower

Build Watch Tower (W)

🪙 110 🌲 80

 - War Mill

Defensive structure. Can learn the Reinforced Defenses upgrade.

Attacks land and air units.

Has anyone noticed that the disabled command button for the Watch Tower is different from its normal counterpart? I did, and so I made a proper normal command button out of the disabled one. I don't think I'm able to make a disabled version for the normal command button of the structure unit. You can replace the vanilla BTN and DISBTN files with these.

Here are the following directories you must paste in the '_retail_' (without the single quotation marks) folder of the game:
 • ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\
 • ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\

UPDATE (2022/08/06): Thanks to @Vibe for providing a proper DISBTN for the released version icon.

Watch Tower (New) (Icon)

Watch Tower (Old) (Icon)

You'd be surprised at the amount of errors on their part :grin: Approved.
You'd be surprised at the amount of errors on their part :grin:


Yeah like how Ashenvale and Felwood have swapped colors for terrain and trees, the trees of felwood are supposed to have a similar color scheme as Corrupted Ancients, yet for some reason they look like classic counterpart of Ashenvale tree (forget that the texture itself was also hastily recolored and you can notice some unpainted leaves of said tree).

Also I can't replace the models, skins and icons in retail folder for some reason, when I put them there nothing happens. I checked the filenames and the folder names, but the game and editor simply aren't using them.
@Kaziorotto Strange. That's how other people suggest if you want to replace base game files: move them to the 'retail' folder following their file path. :peasant-thinking:

I found a fix to this when I started using a diffirent main menu mod. Basically I had to use reg.reg file in order for the game and editor to start recognizing files in retail folder.