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Warz v1.0a

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
I made this map just for fun, and there will be a next version of this map.


Warz v1.0a (Map)

19:10, 1st Sep 2013 Orcnet: lacking map description and first comment's review




19:10, 1st Sep 2013
Orcnet: lacking map description and first comment's review
Level 32
Apr 2, 2013

An attempt at a very slightly altered melee map that can be improved

Gameplay: 3/10
Terrain: 2/10
Environment: 1/10
Balance: 4/10
Mistakes/Faulty things: 4/10
Description: 1/10

Gameplay: Blizzards melee gameplay won't work well in this map for the following reasons. The starting locations are really bad, so making a strategic base will not work as it used to. The whole layout of the map will make it very dull, the reason is there are no major chokepoints near the middle of the map, flank spots, and the places to expand are not in good positions.

Heroes will also have to buy items, since you did not create creep drop items. More about creeps will be explained in the mistakes category. The neutral buildings are there, but are in odd/un symmetrical positions.

Also, the only things you changes/added to the map that made it non-melee is edited one unit, and made un necessary triggers.

Terrain: I'm sorry to say, but it's a very plain map. A few cliffs with no ramps doesn't cut it. You should use the raise tools, to make the map non-flat. Do not make cliffs in the middle of no where, it's ugly.

The layout is not a favorite, a 4 corners map that barely has any paths makes the gameplay boring.

Environment: I see no flowers, shrubs, rocks, benches, or anything. You need to add those to make the map look less like a barren wasteland, besides the trees.

Balance: Not balanced, since the each of the corners have a different layout. Top right has the best defense, but don't create trees and cliffs as the only blockers as siege units can destroy trees.

Mistakes/Faulty Things: Creeps are spammed, and have no drops. Make it so trolls would team up with ogres, and bandits have there own gang. It makes is look much better..

There are no creep drop items, you need to create those in melee. To do it, you must click a creep and there is a tab that says item drops.

Neutral buildings should be evenly distributed across the map.

Description: It is very lacking, you did not tell about the map. Check the map rules to know what to type.

1/5 average score, voting for Rejection

Last notes: I hardly think you can fix the map before a mod gets here, but it was worth a try to upload your first map. Good luck.
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+rep to BloodGamerz

Review by SCN
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