[Altered Melee] Warcraft UB Series - Bug Reports and Project Transferring Thread.

Level 14
Jun 15, 2016

I wanna ask a favor from anyone who want to help this map getting better and better. Since I am myself very limited in spending time and modding skills as well.

If "ANYONE IS SO GOOD AND INTERESTING IN THIS PROJECT", go ahead then maybe i can even transfer the ownership of this map developing to that person. I will stand back and works as a member of that team if i can help.

The project is named as UB Series - alter melee maps including huge range of unique custom races. Anyone can download and check the map, see if anything that possibly causing troubles and the way to solve them such as:

1. Non-MUI spells.
2. Leaking Triggers.
3. Unbalanced things.
4. Reduce map loading time.
6. Other things to concern.

I repeat, anyone of you with professional skills can take over this map project, just tell me if you want to be a leader of this project.

Here is the map: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/bundles/ub-raging-stream-v1-6b-ai-naga-update.288646
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Level 14
Jun 15, 2016
It's cool to see the dream for Wa666r's map coming true. What a great day. Lots of hard work, I'm sure.

Not only him. Everyone else need this one too. I still wonder if someone can really work seriously on this more than i am. Because this means someone will continue and make it better. Without someone help, the errors and lagging issues will continue to exist and i don't want to spend so much time to study this. Just give it to anyone who able to do those tasks already.
Level 1
Jan 20, 2017
Hey, just wanted to list a few errors/bugs.

1. Possible to get up to 6 heroes at a time consistently, method is as follows:
a. Train your first hero
b. Have it die by any means
c. With the main base building maxed and a patron at the tavern, revive your first hero, then the other custom race heroes, and lastly the two tavern heroes. Don't think it'll work if any of the heroes from the altar come out before you get the two patron heroes, but also the patron heroes should be purchased after all 4 custom heroes are being summoned at the altar

Took a while to figure out how it happened in the first place when I got 4 heroes suddenly; I thought it was just a one-time thing. Then it happened again and tried to figure it out the cause. Maybe the custom heroes don't count towards the hero limit until they're physically there, but not certain on that. Anyways, still fun to have 6 heroes even if unintended.

2. Units disappear randomly off the map. I'm not sure exactly why, but I think when I select them and have them do something they have a chance of just disappearing instead of doing what was intended. Oh and by disappearing I mean that they somehow still "exist" in terms of food supply and hero count, but not as a unit with physical substance. One instance was when I was trying to kite the barbarian hero with my master ranger and she just disappeared while I was controlling her. Another instance was where I was trying to sneak a couple of the satyr-looking builders into the enemy base to build some towers and one of them just disappeared in front of my eyes, and I suddenly just had one worker. No idea what's causing it, but it happens every time I play the map. Been saving my games just in case so it's at least an avoidable bug, just unpredictable.

3. Minor issue, but just some errors in the tooltips like grammar/spelling. Also, tooltips when you're selecting talents do not match the tooltips after you pick them e.g. I view a potential talent that says it does 15 dmg over 5 seconds but when I select it and hover over the new talent I got it says 13 dmg over 6 seconds. I think the only major one conceptually was the brutelord's(Illidari) Devastating Blow(Q) after you get your ult; it says you slow the attack speed first, but when you get it says you can target buildings instead. Even then it wasn't such a huge deal, but I felt it was worth noting.

Just want to say that I really appreciate all the effort that went into it. Don't think I'd be able to help with all the triggers and such since my coding skills are essentially non-existent, but if you want I might be able to help improve some of the tooltips and such.