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Warcraft Tactics

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Brief Description:

Battle it out against waves of enemies in this exciting turn based custom map! This map is a test of skill, in which the survivorship of your team is what counts. The longer your team lasts, the better you have done. This is measured in the number of battles you win.

*Requires 1-5 players. Players that leave while in game do not harm game progress.*

How to Play:

Choose a Hero at first, by bringing your wisp to the location of the beacon beside that Hero of choice. There are 15 different Heros, 5 of which can be chosen to be on the team at once. Once a Hero is chosen, that same one cannot be repicked. This makes the team more vibrant and fluid. The number of combinations without replacement is therefore 3003.

*Useful hints throughout the game can be toggled by typing -hints into chat.*

If a Hero is not selected by 60 seconds of the start of the game, then a random Hero will be selected for you. Your hero will after selection (random or non-random) end up in the shopping/healing/revival area, in which they have 4 gold to purchase items with.

*it is recommended all Heros start with a lesser healing potion, which only costs 4 gold.*

After a short duration, all heros will then teleport instantly to the battlefield, in which they will have to fight a number of enemies (random number between 1 and 5).

The description of average gold received per enemy, number of enemies, average level of enemies, and the predicted chance of winning at the start of the battle are listed under information at the top left.

How the turn-based battle-system works:

Once all Heros have entered the battlefield, the system will proceed as follows:

1. Red player goes {30 seconds}
2. Blue player goes {30 seconds}
3. Teal player goes {30 seconds}
4. Purple player goes {30 seconds}
5. Yellow player goes {30 seconds}
6. Enemies goes {2.5 seconds x Number of enemies on battlefield}
7. Repeat cycle by going back to #1 unless:
a) Heros for Players 1 through 5 are dead
b) All enemy units are dead

-If all enemies are dead, then your team goes back to the item shops and healing area to prepare for the next battle.
All dead allied heros are automatically revived at this stage.

-If all allied Heros are dead, then the game is over!

Battle Mechanics:

Heros do not have a regular attack button, but do have a regular melee attack trigger in place. This means that when Heros are close by an enemy, by double-clicking on that enemy (with 80 mana to spare) your Hero will use a melee attack on that enemy unit. This melee attack does 2*Strength damage if it hits.
Movement distance is based on Agility, and the greater this attribute is for a Hero, the further they can move. At the start of a turn the Hero is allowed to move to a set distance. After this, they will have to convert mana into movement, which basically allows them to move a small distance before ending the turn. This is achieved by clicking the 'move' cammand, and clicking the ground where one wants to go after they stop moving the first time.
This is one of the more straightforward aspects of this map. Abilities use up mana, and if Heros use up all their mana, their turn is over. These abilities will be described in greater detail later on when describing Heros.
End turn early
To do this, simply click on the patrol button, select a spot on the ground, and your Heros turn will end before the 30 second time limit elapses.


Information coming soon!
Information coming soon!
Information coming soon!
Information coming soon!
Death Knight
Information coming soon!

White Mage
Information coming soon!
Black Mage
Information coming soon!
Red Mage
Information coming soon!
Information coming soon!
Information coming soon!

Information coming soon!
Information coming soon!
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Warcraft Tactics (Map)

18:58, 9th Aug 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected
Level 16
Apr 18, 2011
Lacks a better description, look at some bb codes. Or try and check -kobas- map descriptions.
Also check the polishing guide

Since you are new:
If map isn't finished jet, use Map Development forum for that!
You can make thread there upload your map so people can tell you what they think just like you did here!
Also for any help with triggers or how to clean memory leaks post triggers and create threads here Triggers & Scripts!
Btw if you need any help with WE we have World Editor Help Zone here on THW!
And at the end if you need any resource from icons to loading screens check out Requests!
The map sounds interesting, I'll be testing it soon.




The gameplay is quite boring, I'm gonna be quite honest here. A lot of the heroes have the same spell, some of them have too many passive skills, it's quite boring in the beginning when you have to wait for a player to finish, since he can't actually do anything other than move forward a little and then the timer still goes, it doesn't immediately skip to the next player. I suggest you add a skill button or a command which lets you pass your turn. There are almost no custom skills either, if there are, then really few and some of the heroes don't have a custom skill at all, making the map uninteresting and not really special.


I could just say that the map barely has a terrain, I don't know why you even picked a desert-tile, you didn't even use different tiles, you seperated the 3 small areas with blizzard cliffs and there are no doodads at all in the battlefield area, I know it would make things a bit weird, but at least animated grass or something, which don't hinder the heroes. You also haven't used any custom icons or models whatsoever.


The map file is quite small right now, so you have a lot of space to use for custom things, like a soundtrack maybe, the warcraft soundtracks don't really fit. A custom loading screen image wouldn't hurt either.


No on-screen messages whatsoever, only timers used, which almost no one looks at. A preview image wouldn't hurt.


Your map barely has anything to offer, no special features, it's quite boring in the beginning, the terrain isn't beautiful, almost no custom spells, it's just not fun to play.

Rating: 1/5

Edit: So apparently I need to use the patrol button to skip my turn. Wow... You could've said that in the beginning of the map or better, add a command instead.
Last edited:
Level 2
Aug 4, 2011
Thanks for the Review!

Hi there,

Thanks for taking a look at it. If you were wondering about the moving forward a bit then skipping part, there is actually a way to skip to the next turn; you have to click patrol and then click on the ground. I tried to rig it so that pressing hold position would skip the turn (since you dont have to click on the ground), but i had trouble with that trigger. I was trying to have a trigger to use for Hold position, but when I put in 'a unit is issued an order with no target', and put in for conditions 'issued order equal to 'Order(Hold Position)'', then the trigger wouldnt happen, it only worked for patrol :(

Also, when you use hotkey 'm' for move, then you get a second time to more which works instead of casting abilites, or rather uses excess mana to move.
I guess that it may seem like theres a lot of moving and not attacking at the beginning of each battle, but theres a reason for that. You are supposed to set up your characters strategically in order to be best prepared for a fight.

As for the abilities, preview screen, and other such custom things, I have been trying to do these.. But without success. I am working on a macintosh, and its a 2007 model, without the new OS. So any software I do find for a Mac (which there are very few compared with those for the PC) dont necessarily work with my OS...

Thanks for the review/comments, please keep contributing!