Warcraft: Orcs and Humans models





I want to ask someone to employ his or her abilities into creation of following models as illustrated within the attached files:

Kingdom of Azeroth:

1. Town Hall (based on the Human Town Hall model)
2. Barracks (based on the Human Barracks model)
3. Church (based on the Human Keep model)
4. Tower (based on the Human Arcane Sanctum model)
5. Stables (based on the Neutral Tavern model)

Orcish Horde:

1. Great Hall (based on the Orc Stronghold model)
2. Barracks (based on the Orc Barracks model)
3. Temple (based on the Tauren Totem model)
4. Tower [based on the Undead Sacrificial Altar model (Skull of Gul'dan)]
5. Blacksmith (based upon the Orc War Mill and Fortress models)
6. Kennels (based on the Orc War Mill model)

Concerning models without proper foundations, there should be used kind of foundations in the same manner as in the case of the Tower for Humans, as well as in the case of the Temple, the Tower and the War Mill for the Orcs. Additionally, models without the faction's proper build animation should incorporate it accordingly.

I wish you a successful day and await your reactions.


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    Kingdom of Azeroth.JPG
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  • Orcish Horde.JPG
    Orcish Horde.JPG
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This guy! Very cool. Everyone, please help this guy out; someone willing to put this much time into a thoughtful & well-supported Request deserves it.

Also, 'Kennels'. That is all.

I thank you for your favor, Kyrbi0, and your honest support in this exploit.

Also, the content has been expanded.
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