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[Altered Melee] Warcraft III Armageddon

Which Race Do You Want To See in Version 1.1 ?

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  • Undead

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  • Night Elf

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  • Naga

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  • Blood Elf

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  • Troll

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Dwarf

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  • Tauren

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • High Elf

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  • Forsaken

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  • Goblin

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Level 5
Apr 11, 2014
Welcome To Warcraft III Armageddon's Official Forum, well, in case you didn't know, it's a group of altered melee maps (or maybe i'll edit existing maps) with brand new races and some new features, also after i finish it, maybe, just maybe i'll create a campaign series for it with the same gameplay

Warcraft III will introduce various brand new Races and they're the following

Night Elf
Blood Elves
High Elf

more may be added

well, none of the races are complete, but Human race is already complete on paper, i've chosen the models, icons, abilities and everything, all what's left is add them in the game and release Version 1.0 !


Town Hall/Keep/Castle


Description : Advanced Harvester unit. Can harvest big amount of gold.
Model/Icon : Pack Horse/Rideless and Pack Horse
Cost Gold/Lumber/Food (Requirement) : 240/40/1 (Keep)
Stats : Harvests 50 Golds and higher speed than Peasant


Default except for Icon

Description : Highly Skilled Spearthrower. Can learn the Defend and Flaming Spears abilities.
Model/Icon : FootmanSpearThrower/Spirit Crusader
Cost Gold/Lumber/Food (Requirement) : 200/10/3 (Blacksmith)
Stats : Riflemen are better than them in attack but Spearmen's attack range, Armor (2 without upgrades), Cost and Health (550) are better, also they've 2 abilities, first is defend, second is Flaming Spears which does a 4 burn damage per second

Description : Amateur Warrior. Can lean the Impaling Pike ability.
Model/Icon : Pikeman/Footman
Cost Gold/Lumber/Food (Requirement) : 250/5/3 (Keep)
Stats : they're between Footmen and Knights with 600 Health, 3 Armors (i don't have to say without upgrades everytime) and 20-23 Attack (Impaling Pike increase attack by 5), so they're used instead of using Footman until you train Knight, you have better unit now

Default except for Requirements (Castle and Blacksmith)


Description : Supporting spellcaster. Can initially cast Heal, which increases the life of wounded units. Can also learn Inner Fire and Bloodsteal.
Model/Icon : Chaplain and Emissary/Cleric (Priest's icon but with an edit made by me editing the hair and eye color)
Cost Gold/Lumber/Food (Requirement) : 135/10/2 (None)
Stats : they're like normal Priests but different model and icon which fits the Human race, and has a new ability Bloodsteal which gives nearby friendly units an ability that drains health while attacking

Arcane Mage
Description : Versatile spellcaster. Can initally cast Brilliance Aura Buff, which increases mana regenation. Can also learn Polymorph and Summon Water Elemental.
Model/Icon : Rogue, Renegade and Dark Wizard/Rogue, Renegade and Dark Wizard
Cost Gold/Lumber/Food (Requirement) : 170/20/2 (None)
Stats : has you ever dreamed of Archmage as a normal unit ? , Arcane Mage is kinda like Archmage with Brilliance Aura as default ability, Polymorph comes with Adept Training and Summoning 1 Water Elemental comes with Master Training which summons level one elemental for 100 mana , it (Arcane Mage) has 350 Health, 200 Mana and 7-10 Attack


Desription : Expert spellcaster, Can Cross Strength and Spell Immunity. Can Also Learn Call of the Church.
Model/Icon : Monk/Monk
Cost Gold/Lumber/Food (Requirement) : 200/30/3 (Marketplace)
Stats : well this is the main reason i made the Monk, because i've got a Church , why not a monk too ?, it can cast some spells, give the targeted unit a strength (Health and Attack Bonus), Spell Immunity and Learn Call Of the Church which can revive 2 nearby friendly units for 100 Mana, it has 700 Health, 250 Mana and 13-15 Damage.

Siege Workshop
Description : Long Ranged Siege Unit. very effective against Building. can learn Flaming Spears.
Model/Icon : Human Ballista/Human Ballista
Cost Gold/Lumber/Food (Requirement) : 170/75/3
Stats : it's a balance between Mortar Team and Night Elf Glaive Thrower and has Flaming Spears ability like Spearmen.

Steam Wagon
Description : Heavily armored vehicle, effective at destroying buildings. Can Learn The Repair Ability.
Model/Icon : Steam Wagon/Militia or my own icon
Cost Gold/Lumber/Food (Requirement) : 210/50/3 (Keep)
Stats : it's a Dwarven Siege Wagon, with some changes ...... and a new ability, it gains it an ability to regain Health, so it doesn't need to be repaired by Peasant , it has an engineer inside already, but this ability needs an upgrade

Description : A Basic Flying Unit. can learn Flaming Spears Ability.
Model/Icon : FlyingSpearThrower/Glider (By Me)
Cost Gold/Lumber/Food (Requirement) : 220/30/2 (None)
Stats : a flying spear thrower, with damage 15-17, 500 Health and 1 Armor at the beginning

Human Airship
Description : A Flying air transport, can upgrade to hold 12 units instead of 8
Model/Icon : Human Airship/Human Airship (By Me)
Cost Gold/Lumber/Food (Requirement) : 200/20/2 (Marketplace)
Stats : instead of searching everywhere in the map and in the end the creeps own you, you can simple train them ! ....... but they're still in the shops until i update all four races, so at Update 4.0 they'll be removed.

Gryphon Aviary

Gryphon Rider
Description : Powerful flying creature, mounted by a Bandit hammer-thrower. Can learn Animal War Training, and the Storm Hammers ability.
Model/Icon : Bandit Gryphon Rider (can't find the link)/an Icon made by me
Cost Gold/Lumber/Food (Requirement) : 300/80/5 (None)
Stats : they're bandit edition of Gryphon Riders, but they're stronger, more damage, more health, more armor but higher cost


Town Hall/Keep/Castle - Base Buildings, can train Peasants and Horses. they've Backpack human and Militia Ability

Barracks - Basic unit training building, can train Footmen, Spearmen, Pikemen and Knights, they've Defend, Flaming Spear, Impaling Pike and Animal War Training Upgrades

Lumber Mill - Mill Improved Masony and Improved Lumber Harvesting

Blacksmith - Upgrades Building, has Iron Forged Swords for Militia, Horses, Footmen, Knights, Gryphon Riders and Monks. it has Iron Forged Spears for Spearmen, Pikemen, Gliders, Ballistas and Steam Wagons. it has Iron Plating for all Units except Clerics and Arcane Mages

Farm - Food Building, reproduce 6 Foods at Level 1 and 12 Foods at level 2

Altar Of Kings - Altar Of Heroes, Summons A Paladin, A Pyromancer, A Knight or A Human Elder (3 of them like always)

Church - Magic Barracks, Trains Cleric with 2 Trainings, Arcane Mage with 2 Trainings, Monks and Call Of The Church Upgrade

Siege Workshop - Trains Gliders, Ballistas and Steam Wagons.

Scout Tower - can Upgrade To Guard Tower then Advanced Guard Tower

Gryphon Aviary - Special Barracks, train Gryphon Riders and their Storm Hammers Abilities.

Marketplace - Human's Shop


Paladin - Warrior Hero (Strength/Melee), Starts with Devotion Aura, Can Learn Holy Light, Divine Shield, Light Vision (Reveals, Similar To Far Vision) and Holy Might (Ultimate Skill, similar to Avatar)

Pyromancer - Magical Hero (Intelligence/Ranged Magical) Starts with (TBA), Can Learn (TBA), (TBA), (TBA) and Armageddon (Similar To Starfall but drops Lava Rocks instead) (Abilities TBA)

Knight - Warrior Mounted Hero (Strength/Melee) (Abilities TBA)

Elder - Cunning Hero (Agility/Melee) (Abilities TBA)

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