Warcraft 3 Custom UI Template

Level 16
Jul 1, 2010
Hey guys, I've created a generic template in Photoshop upon which anyone can start painting their own custom UI for War3 if you so desire. I've looked around the Hive and couldn't find anything in that regard so I decided to create one because it's a painstaking process. Everything is in folders and layers are named appropriately (Ex: HumanUI01, OrcUI01, etc...). Just hide the group or individual layers that you don't want to see. All UI parts have their respective Alpha Channels on different layers to facilitate work. It's not quite complete just the basics as you can see here (Tiles and Cursor). Please excuse me if you find one or two misaligned a pixel or not. Just move them as you see fit. I've checked twice and all parts should be aligned perfectly. Enjoy !


NOTE: When moving/resizing or making any modifications to layers make sure to also modify the alpha channel !


  • War3_GUI_Template_All_Races.psd
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