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Warchasers Models and Skins

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Sep 7, 2009
I am working on a Warchasers game and I need just a few resources to perfect the game.

Model 1
Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian (aka Medivh's staff). I honestly don't know how, but if you could remove it from Medivh's model that would be the easiest.

Model 2
Complete Medivh
This could easily be somewhere, but I haven't found it. It's the remaining animations for Medivh's WC3 model. I know he's missing Attacking and Spell casting animations.

Skin 1
A skin for this model:
Bandit Mage of Foot
based on this picture:
Kawauso the Pyromancer

If I can get a complete Medivh will all of the animations, this will need to be a skin for Medivh's model.

Skin 2
A Night Elf Huntress skin that looks like Mr. T's night elf mohawk from the WoW commercial.

Skin 3
A skin for this model:
That looks like Ozzy's death knight from the WoW commercial.

Thank you very much. If you know where I can find a complete Medivh or Atiesh, let me know.
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