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War3 Editor is not behaving normally.

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Oct 9, 2021
Hey hiveworkshop Community,

I am writing this here because during the use of Warcraft III World Editor i ran into a problem when trying to run one of my maps. i am trying to code in a text map that is not meant to be played on but meant for my studies as i am trying to learn the grammer of a different language, and i was using War3 editor to provide me the english part of it.

Anyway i am writing not because of my program(or map), but that fact is i cant seem to run a single code in that program, or at least a basic code. so i have uploaded 2 different maps. both have the same code in it that is suppose to run. at the start of the game i am suppose to see a random message that i wrote. okay the map that has my program on it doesnt work, not even after i disabled and turned off every other Trigger. for some reason it just doesnt work. okay so i create a new map with the same code and for some reason it works like it is suppose to. now if someone would be so kind as to open them up and tell me what i am doing wrong here. that would be wonderful.

-My map isnt working with basic or other code
-new map does work with same basic code
-need help getting my code to run properly so i dont have to spend days recoding everything

PS: i tried exporting and importing all the Trigger data, it didnt make a difference same problem.


  • Broken Map.w3x
    23.9 KB · Views: 12
  • working map.w3x
    12.3 KB · Views: 8
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