War of the two Gods! V1.1

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War of the two Gods! V1.1 (Map)

Level 2
Apr 24, 2009
Played this a bunch with friends. its pretty fun with a balance check making it so an even number of people have to join light and dark.

It's a skirmish with a twist basically. Side with one god and help him to generate mana by building him temples and stop the opposing god from getting mana by destroying his followers and there temples.

Map has a good concept but 1 pretty major flaw/unbalance in the map is that units siding with the light god get divine armor and the units siding with the dark god get chaos damage. This basically means that the dark gods troops can still do full damage to the light gods troops because chaos damage does 100% to ALL armor types. The light god can tank creeps but not the dark god troops.

Basically its a good concept but there's no real reason to join the light side because of the unbalance unless the dark side units don't know what there doing, to which I note that the lack of description and help in game adds to the confusion on what to do. The villages end up having to take the word of the host on how to play and that's not always very accurate.

The map works even though it needs balancing and its a unique twist on the skirmish map so i recommend giving it a chance. 3 out of 5.
Level 2
Feb 15, 2010
@ White flare
Divine Armor is not strickly worse then chaos damage because Divine Armor also reduces damage taken from spells. For example, Evil Peasants die with 1 Monsoon casting, while Good Peasants doesn't... Hell, i've killed hundreds of evil peasants with monsoons.

BTW, what IS overpowered is the Evil Avatar, I am sure you meant for it to be like.. Good Avatar doesn't have Vampiric Aura but it has the Righteous Aura which lets it attack faster, thus allowing the Good Avatar to stun the Evil Avatar more often, which could/might even out the life gain that evil avatar gets.

However, the Evil God can simply Blood Lust the Evil Avatar which allows Evil Avatar to attack ALOT faster then the Good Avatar. Which basically allows the evil avatar to flat out destroy Everyone because there exists nothing that is able to counter it.