Waiting time reducer

Level 1
Jul 21, 2021
hi , english is not my first language !
i would like to be able to reduce timer via an uprgade .
like when i kill a boss it appear again 60 sec later , via an upgrade research it goes like 60-5 ( i thought i could do it via interg variable ) but well XD
Level 18
Mar 29, 2020
one way you could do that is just switch triggers. (this solution only makes sense if this is something that you can only upgrade once or twice, otherwise there are probably more efficient ways to do it).

what I mean is - have a trigger with no event that revives the boss and whatever actions necessary. then have a few separate periodic triggers for the different time intervals (every 60 seconds, every 55 seconds etc.) that activate the first trigger you made. at the beginning have the 60 second one active, and then when the player gets the upgrade - turn off the 60 second periodic trigger and turn on the 55 second periodic trigger.

this is one possible way to do it, not necessarily the best way...