Vucanus' Lair

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Dec 21, 2009
Vulcanus' Lair

When the Titans and Old Gods battled. The Old Gods had a secret weapon, The Elementals. Now one Elemental, Vulcanus the firemaster. has made the first move to destroy Azeroth... :eek: now the races of Azeroth are in a race against time to enter Vulcanus' Lair.

Firelord: A rouge firelord who hopes to gain trust of the humans.
Blademaster: A Bloodelf who trained under the great blademaster Samaro (Uses General Franks Bloodelf Sword Master Model)
Pit Lord: Who says he cant be nice....
Tinker: Goblin that uses his technology to destroy Vulcanus.
Alchemist: Goblin that uses Alchemy to discover a hidden mineral inside Vulcanus. Known as dragulj
Beastmaster: Half Ogre that was thrown down here because his lost in the Arena
Sea Witch: Naga who hates fire. (must have not have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.)
Dark Ranger: Undead Ranger who seeks redemption.
Pandaren Brewmaster!: FOR PANDARIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Space Orc Shock Trooper: Pulled back in time by dimensional rift causing a alternate universe. (uses General franks Shcok Trooper 5th Gen)
Space orc Medic: (see Above) (Uses General Franks Space Orc Medic)
Space Orc Commander: (see two Above) (uses GF Space orc Commander 3rd Gen)(may be removed)
Necromancer: Death has come... or not. (DH Cultist Skin)
Warlock: Signed up for this (Dark Warlock Model.)

Game play:
It is a single player dungeon (you read right singleplayer) I will enforce this rule. made of five Zones (Dungeon,Fire Mesa,Volcanic Arena,Burning Valley,Molten Plains.) Many mini bosses and one Boss per zone. find units to back you up. To those who may say the terrain is plain I will use this to confuse you when you have to unlock the door to the first Major Boss.more will come.






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Jul 7, 2008
k, i found a few flaws.

1. i don't understand why firelords would join humans
2. ...why does the blademaster have to be a blood elf?
3. fel orcs don't send pitlords, pitlords sent FEL ORCS. Also, the demons could care less about Azeroth's fate, they have control of thousands of planets and thousands other destroyed.
4. alubquerque? wtf? what kind of name is that?
5. ....undead hunter? Dark Rangers are rangers, dosn't make them hunters for being ranged.
6. yes, please remove the Lich King.

sorry if i sounded a bit harsh
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Dec 21, 2009
No I, love Criticism
alubquerque? wtf? what kind of name is that?
it is a name of a city in New Mexico (it is also a Loony Toons reference where when bugs bunny goes to places he didn't mean to he says "maybe i should have taken that left turn a Albuquerque.
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