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Voice changer software

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Level 4
Aug 4, 2011
i am working on a project that is really quite huge. It is basically a what if story line for warcraft III. It will have a couple of new characters, but i will try to stay true what should ahve happened.

I bet your all thinking "what does this have to do with sound/music?"

I'll tell you. I need a voice changer that will change my voice to sound just like medivh or terenas or thrall whoever else i want it to sound like. Hopefully i can find someone to do the female voices, mostly so i dont have awkward looks from my family (between the you and me, i already get enough of them.).

My thoughts are it will have have clips from each of the characters, the user would say it and then it would run some sort of algorithm to find the differences between your voice and the actors. it would trhen create another algorithm so it would always change your voice to that character when you were using that algorithm. you could also save, load, and import algorithms and voice clips.
Not open for further replies.