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Voice Actor

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Level 16
Feb 20, 2013
Making a trailer for my map "The Arena", and i need a voice actor to say a few lines, since i don't sound epic enough.

The lines are:

  • Greetings ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to The Arena!
  • Glory and honor awaits those who can best the most challening of bosses.
  • While failure may be imenient, you will rise again, and you will take another shot at your glory!
  • While you may be challenged i have no doubt that with the greatest of heroes on your side, and a well planned and executed strategy, you will become the greatest champions this world has ever seen!
  • Welcome, to The Arena.

I want the lines in different files as shown above, since there will be some pauses between them. I imagine the voice would be like an epic arena commentary dude gladiator soldier gruff voice of sorts. Maybe something like Arthases father or Tirion from WotLK. Thinking something along the lines of "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY3oZH6Piz4"
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