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[vJASS] The Glaive is not Showing

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library GlaiveOfDestruction uses RegisterPlayerUnitEvent, SpellEffectEvent, Tt, UnitIndexer, WorldBounds

private constant integer DUM_CODE = 'h000'  //raw code of the dummy
private constant integer ABIL_CODE = 'A000'  //raw code of the Spell
private constant real DUM_SCALE = 200. //Size of the Glaive
private constant real SPEED = 400. //Speed of the Glaive
private constant real HEIGHT = 100. //height of the Glaive
private constant real COL_SIZE = 200. // collision size of the Glaive
private constant real STUN_DUR = 3. // stun duration
private constant attacktype ATK = ATTACK_TYPE_NORMAL // attack type
private constant damagetype DMG = DAMAGE_TYPE_MAGIC // damage type
private constant boolean PRELOAD = true // preloads the resources if "true"
    private constant player NEUTRAL_PASSIVE = Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_PASSIVE)
    private group G = bj_lastCreatedGroup

private constant function GetDistance takes integer level returns real
    return 1300.
//Glaives AoE
private constant function GetAoE takes integer level returns real
    return 250.
private constant function GetDamage takes integer level returns real
    return 75. * level
//Prevents the Glaive from damaging dead units/mechanical units/structures/destructibles/allies/etc.
private constant function GetFilter takes unit caster, unit target returns boolean
    return /*
    */ not IsUnitType(target, UNIT_TYPE_DEAD) and /* // target is alive
    */ IsUnitEnemy(target, GetOwningPlayer(caster)) and /* // target is an enemy of caster
    */ not IsUnitType(target, UNIT_TYPE_STRUCTURE) and /* // target is not a structure
    */ not IsUnitType(target, UNIT_TYPE_MECHANICAL) // target is not mechanic

private struct Main extends array
    private group g
    private unit u
    private player owner
    private unit dummy
    private real aoe
    private real damage
    private real distance
    private real sin
    private real cos
    private static integer array store
    private static constant real TIMEOUT = 0.031250000
    private static constant real MAX_SPEED = SPEED * TIMEOUT
    implement CTTC
        local unit u
        local real x
        local real y
    implement CTTCExpire
        set x = GetUnitX(this.dummy) + this.cos
        set y = GetUnitY(this.dummy) + this.sin
    //won't go out of bounds
        if x > WorldBounds.minX and y > WorldBounds.minY and x < WorldBounds.maxX and y < WorldBounds.maxY then
            call SetUnitX(this.dummy, x)
            call SetUnitY(this.dummy, y)
        set this.distance = this.distance - MAX_SPEED
        call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(G, x, y, this.aoe + COL_SIZE, null)
            set u = FirstOfGroup(G)
            exitwhen u == null
            call GroupRemoveUnit(G, u)
            if not IsUnitInGroup(u, this.g) and GetFilter(this.u, u) and IsUnitInRangeXY(u, x, y, this.aoe) then
                call GroupAddUnit(this.g, u)
                call UnitDamageTarget(this.u, u, this.damage, true, false, ATK, DMG, null)
         if this.distance <= 0 then
            if thistype.store[GetUnitId(this.u)] == this then
                set thistype.store[GetUnitId(this.u)] = 0
            call GroupClear(this.g)
            call DestroyGroup(this.g)
            call KillUnit(this.dummy)
            set this.g = null
            call this.destroy()
        implement CTTCEnd
        private static method onCast takes nothing returns boolean
        local thistype this = thistype.create()
        local integer level
        local real a
        set this.g = CreateGroup()
        set this.u = GetTriggerUnit()
        set a = Atan2(GetSpellTargetY() - GetUnitY(this.u), GetSpellTargetX() - GetUnitX(this.u))
        set this.dummy = CreateUnit(this.owner, DUM_CODE, GetUnitX(this.u), GetUnitY(this.u), a * bj_RADTODEG)
        set level = GetUnitAbilityLevel(this.u, ABIL_CODE)
        set this.aoe = GetAoE
        set this.damage = GetDamage(level)
        set this.distance = GetDistance(level)
        set this.sin = MAX_SPEED * Sin(a)
        set this.cos = MAX_SPEED * Cos(a)
        set thistype.store[GetUnitId(this.u)] = this
        call SetUnitScale(this.dummy, DUM_SCALE, 0, 0)
        call SetUnitFlyHeight(this.dummy, HEIGHT, 0)
        return false
    private static method onInit takes nothing returns nothing
        call RegisterSpellEffectEvent(ABIL_CODE, function thistype.onCast)

Not open for further replies.