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Last Activity:
Mar 20, 2016
Jan 28, 2012
Battle School, in orbit around earth
Lifeguard, BioLab Technition


The pest controller, from Battle School, in orbit around earth

Ender was last seen:
Mar 20, 2016
    1. Astaroth Zion
      Astaroth Zion
    2. Astaroth Zion
      Astaroth Zion
      Hello Ender, how have you been??

      PS: want to take a look on the Tech Tree Contest #10 Discussion?
      We could participate on another contest many years after TechTreeC#6.
    3. Dat-C3
      I'm curious, where did you learn about the destructible tree texture glitch.

      Did you discover it yourself or from XGM or chaos realm or wc3c.net from toadcop?
    4. stonneash
      Are you interested in joining our Project?
    5. Almia
      Cool :D
    6. Almia
      what is polymorphism?
    7. Xonok
      Yeah, thanks a lot.
    8. gorillabull
      oh ive been using it to make some dynamic interface thing although i have to say some one discovered this method long before you did or it just seems that way i dunno
    9. Rui
      Ender! Glad you're still around. I'm just someone D=
    10. gorillabull
      well that makes sence haha im not too good at modeling ty for the help ill rep you when i find more posts
    11. gorillabull
      hey i am using http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/spells-569/complicated-texture-switcher-222228/?prev=search%3Dcomplicated%26d%3Dlist%26r%3D20 but i cant make it work on any of my models it only works on your footman i need this model http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/pastebin_data/ws2pw8/_files/IconBase.mdx
      to be able to work with that system but i cant make it work i tried modifying the materials and stuff but still it doesent work so i thought maybe you could help me out and do it correct since i cant figure it out i think there is something wrong with the model so i tried using this on other models but still nothing happened the textures did not change it only works on your footman so if ur not too busy could u fix it for me :ogre_love:
    12. TKF
      Ok, I tried to follow your explaination.

      This causes compile error - Custom script: set udg_Integer = 'hxxx' I cannot save map
      I need a solution asap. Cannot save map with these custom scripts. What's wrong?

      So when I do custom script correct would this work?

      Set MissileUnitType[5] = Sabretooth Heavy Missile (Space)
      Custom script: set udg_Integer = 'h029' (compile error)
      Hashtable - Save 50.00 as 0 of Temp_Integer in HashDamageData
      Hashtable - Save 1.00 as 1 of Temp_Integer in HashDamageData
      Hashtable - Save 76 as 2 of Temp_Integer in HashDamageData
      Hashtable - Save 20 as 3 of Temp_Integer in HashDamageData
      Hashtable - Save 2500 as 4 of Temp_Integer in HashDamageData
      Hashtable - Save 4000 as 5 of Temp_Integer in HashDamageData
      Hashtable - Save 1500.00 as 7 of Temp_Integer in HashDamageData
      Hashtable - Save 25.00 as 8 of Temp_Integer in HashDamageData

      so I spent entire day struggling to make it work. Not sure its working yet...

      Ended up with this

      Set MissileUnitType[1] = Piranha Light Missile (Space)
      Set TempString = (String(MissileUnitType[1]))
      Custom script: set udg_Temp_Integer = String2Id(udg_TempString)
      String2Id is not a standard wc3 function and is an ascii system

      function Char2Id takes string c returns integer
      local integer i = 0
      local string abc = "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
      local string t

      set t = SubString(abc,i,i + 1)
      exitwhen t == null or t == c
      set i = i + 1
      if i < 10 then
      return i + 48
      elseif i < 36 then
      return i + 65 - 10
      return i + 97 - 36

      function String2Id takes string s returns integer
      return ((Char2Id(SubString(s,0,1)) * 256 + Char2Id(SubString(s,1,2))) * 256 + Char2Id(SubString(s,2,3))) * 256 + Char2Id(SubString(s,3,4))
      endfunctionEnds up with a number which is actually very long like 8-10 digits. Not sure if hashtable has a limit like arrays.

      Or I'm doing this wrong? I'm going to bed this is pain to make it work. Somehow editor saved without error, but I doubt it works I do not completely understand it yet.
    13. TKF
      Sorry to bother you yet again. I'm very new to hashtable and JASS, so I'm a bit lost setting up the tables.

      Question 1.

      Can I setup like this?
      Set MissileUnitType[0] = Piranha Light Missile (Space)
      Hashtable - Save 15.00 as 0 of (Key (Units of type MissileUnitType[0])) in HashDamageData
      Hashtable - Save 1.60 as 1 of (Key (Units of type MissileUnitType[0])) in HashDamageData

      Missile Impact
      Unit - missile hits tha cruiser without shield!!
      What kind of missile??
      (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) Equal to MissileUnitType[(Key (Units of type (Unit-type of (Triggering unit))))]
      Unit - Cruiser takes heavy damage!!
      Set Cruiser1Hull = (Cruiser1Hull - (Load 1 of (Key (Units of type MissileUnitType[(Key (Units of type (Unit-type of (Triggering unit))))])) from HashDamageData))

      Does this work? Or does the condition block it from happening?? I can use a different condition since all missiles are in a unit-group
      Question 2.

      If I should load a units rawcodes as you suggested, how does the loading work then?

      My mind is a bit fused I don't see it for me how a getting the value would occur. Trigger responds to triggering unit dies, then loading these data based on units rawcode integer. I need an example from init setup hashtable then save it into key value and then what happens on unit dies event. I have to much limited insight to continue from your one custom script example.
    14. TKF
      I cannot recreate the feature you suggested in this thread.

      Can you post an example map. I'm not sure why my WE is being difficult and crashes.

      I will then make it custom code if it still crashes and use that as a base. Rep+ if you would do that and make a minor map with just that function with Unit-Type.
    15. mckill2009
      exd4...if you wanna play live, see me at chess.com, chessmike777...
    16. mckill2009
      hmmm, let me experiment, c5!
    17. mckill2009
      its a closed position, e6!
    18. mckill2009
      sorry man, been busy, I play Nfd7 :D
    19. mckill2009
      Oh no Im not a master, it's just my own rating coz I've beaten many 2000 palyers in my place before...Ima play Nf6 for development...
    20. mckill2009
      hey I heard you knew chess, what's your rating?, me I'm 1900+ in blitz and 2100+ in long game, my move is d5 btw :P...
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  • About

    Battle School, in orbit around earth
    Lifeguard, BioLab Technition
    Current Project:
    I am creating a city building Game that has automated workers, this part of the map is about 10% done, I have farmers bakers, and mill workers so far.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US West
    Favourite Race:
    High Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    Destroying planets, wiping out buggers, the works


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