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Villager Kid Female

Why the frick are there no girls in wc3? I mean- I obviously know the answer- but still the sexism sometimes never ceases to amaze.

I used @Ujimasa Hojo 's optimized kid as a base

Yes, I know there is already a resource- (which finally came out last year courtesy of @Sxar ) but it's a tad bugged and doesn't quite fit my purposes so I made my own (with no skins!)

Since the model section is as backed up as the guest bathroom after thanksgiving I've decided to help the mods out for the lulz

Moderation: In the end- this probably belongs in simple edit thread or something (as do most of the models I upload) but functions well enough from in-game viewing and as a compliment to the male wc3 gorilla kid. Seriously why are his arms so big and long? I mostly kept her proportions the same but I did tweak her legs and hands to more normalish. Anywho, approved for being useful. If otherwise set to substandard or needs update I'll attribute it to misogyny and kill you.

EDIT: Added hair strands- tweaked UV's and proportions and tried to get rid of the underbite in the portrait anim... and failed
EDIT EDIT: uploaded too soon- hair tweaks
EDIT EDIT EDIT: Face tweaks and added super simple redheaded ver for those who can't model gud

*Final EDIT*: Sorry for all the notifications guys. More hair fixes and bone fixes and added earrings. Her face now looks like Link's face... which I guess is good because everyone thinks he is a girl so...?

Final final edit: More face changes. TC shirts added for blonde and burnette girls. (And updated photo)

Just-another-final-edit: Changed portrait around (see pic below), fixed hair, shirt, changed redhair ver, added seperate renamed bone because for some reason ME renames Object21 to Object01 and then there's two Object01 and then everything gets out of whack. Added Blue-eyed-burnette and corresponding screenshot icons for all models. The super clever and much needed eyelashes were also added to all the models courtesy of Cuore taken from when he helped me with this model.

Blonde Girl (Model)

Blue Eyes Brunette Girl (Model)

BTNBlonde (Icon)

BTNBrunetteBlue (Icon)

BTNBrunetteGreen (Icon)

BTNRedhead (Icon)

Green Eyes Brunette Girl (Model)

Red Haired Girl (Model)

General Frank
Nice variation of the kid models in the mpq. The models work in-game and are very useful for cinematic maps.
Level 33
Sep 17, 2010
very useful, but as said before, you should at least give it a little touch on the face and arms maybe, try (if you want/can) to make the eyes bigger and the nose smaller, and definitely make the arms a bit thinner, right now they look like a kid Arthas and a kid Varian :c
Level 11
Jan 25, 2017
Tough crowd. I had tried editing the face before but it just makes her look like an old man. I tried again this morning with better(?) results and also did the changes Misha suggested because I should have done those anyway in the beginning.
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Level 24
Jan 9, 2004
Look, I made gender ambiguous TC kids for my own project... It's decidedly not to do with pedophilia tho

View attachment 280873
non binary gender in warcraft 3 modding :O. Is it male? Is it female? Nooo it´s neither and its offensive to assume it´s gender :(.

If i was making a girl i´d smoothen the cheek, try to add little bit of a lip to atleast the lower part of the mouth or both and make the eyes more rounded and large. Make the nose small and linear and of course girly hair. Make the chin smooth too.
Level 20
Dec 4, 2007
Viewing them from above is good enough, due to their pigtail.
Face could use some softening.
Cool idea!
Level 5
Apr 13, 2018
I am 1 year older, but i have one request. Can I please make the two of them ghost like? Just for my map! I wont post it to any site, plzzzz pinky promise!:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:Alethos.
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