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View On 7 Types of OS's?

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Level 5
Jan 2, 2019
Hi all!

What do you guys think of these OS's? And which is your Favourite?

  • Appliance OS
  • Entertainment OS
  • Kiosk OS
  • Mobile OS
  • Network OS
  • Service OS
  • Workstation OS

The idea is that relatively speaking; Appliance OSes would apply to Clock-Display Ovens, Microwaves, Barbecues, etc.

Kiosk OSes are for Bank Machines, Health Card Screens, or some type of Store Inventory Software.

Mobile OSes are for Cell Phones,

Network OSes are for Radios, or back in the day; when you could pull open a little Keypad and Screen on a Network Tap!

A Service OS is like Windows Server, and Workstation OSes like Windows XP!

My favourite is probably Entertainment OSes, for Stereos, Televisions, Playstation, GameBoy, etc.! I feel that this could be specialized into being it's own whole OS Category for Desktop Computers! Who wants to use the damn Word Document OS all day? :p.

So what do ya guys think?
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