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[SD/Modeling] Very simple SFX request

Level 4
Apr 3, 2012

As a part of creating more interesting PvE combat in my map, I've been working with having well-telegraphed spell casts by enemies.
For example, a mob might cast an AoE damage spell, but the spell will have a couple seconds of cast delay, during which an indicator will show the area the spell will affect.

I've tried a few different models for the purpose, but most of them are a bit too intrusive/over the top for my purposes. The best I've gotten so far is by using and overlaying stan0033's Quest Marker, which works decently well (see attachment). As I have to scale the model up quite a bit however, it ends up a bit too glowy around the edges, and I'd prefer if the inside of the inner circle had a bit of fill/glow to it instead. In addition, I'd like to use it for cones and maybe lines, which obviously wouldn't work too well.

Thus I'm requesting a similar model to the attached example, but with slightly less glow around the outer edge, and a slight coloration inside the inner circle. Preferably with an animation timer of 1.000 seconds, to make changing the animation speed more intuitive. In addition, I'm requesting cone variants of this model (preferably a 60-, 90-, 120-, 180-, and 270-degrees version, though just 1 or 2 of these would be fine as well), where the circle takes up a corresponding amount of degrees, but the remainder hooks up to the center of the circle with the same line as the outer diameter (to create a cone/semi-circle/pac-man shape).

A rectangular version, where the inner part simply fills up from one end to the other would be neat as well, but not necessary.

Thanks a lot!


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