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Very Need Help! expert help me!!!

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Level 6
Aug 26, 2009
i'm beginner for world editor. anybody can solve my problem? i have a map project and i don't know how to:

-make a full-screen inventory system like diablo
-make a skill to make trees block the path
-make a skill that consume an item every it cast
-and many other

anybody can help me?
Level 8
May 31, 2009
Your a beginner?

Hey buddy, if your a beginner, maybe you should start by playing around with some different skills first, because making an inventory is a very long process in triggering, making a spell with trees around doesn't sound too bad, I'll try to help out with this. You'll have to clarify with that thrid one, and don't be afraid to let us know about the other ones.

I'm sure someone would be glad to help :).

Level 15
Aug 11, 2009
Well,all the thing you need can be done with triggering either GUI or jass.But,since you don't know how to use the world editor i'm not sure you will be able to make...to make these stuff you need to be a good triggerer.Most of you requests are a bit ..hard to make,although you might get some help by the http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/tutorials.php in this site.
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