Very Good Modelers Recruitment

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Sep 5, 2007
I'm searching for very good modelers, to make models for my project.
The models must be look like the images above.

The first 4 images is a unit that controls electricity and lightning, if you can see, he has spikes on his backs and chest, this is were the electricty is channeled and then blasted out from his hands. This is my favourite character, if you could do exactly or almost like in the images and the description I wrote above, you'll be rewarded with extra reputation.

The second 2 images is a unit that teleports himself and use telekinetic spells. I would like an special effect in his both hands when he casts a spell. The special is like the death coil effect, but smaller.

The third 2 images is a Human Torch of the Fantastic Four movie unit like, but without flying, maybe an hoover movement animation and when he attacks he must be surrounded by flames for a short time, like the images.

The fourth 3 Images is a unit capable of producing ice. I want a model just like in the image but female, with long hair etc. An attack animation equal to the third image.

The fifth 1 image is a rogue/assassin unit type, just special attack animation, like combos if possible, I couldn't find more images about this character, if you want you can search by "Paragon"/"Marvel Nemesis Rise of Imperfects".

Note: This models are hero type but without hero glows and I want the respective icons of the models.

To the modelers will be awarded a good amount of reputation and I'll be sure that the names of them will appear on the credits.


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