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Vamp Zero SDK Turbo 2.05

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Vampirism Zero SDK is about..
- building a base (with a wall, towers and misc buildings)
- leveling your slayer at night (be careful, vamps will kill your slayer at this time to slow down your overall progress)
- harvesting gold at day (you have to attack the gold supplier)

This is an extended version of Vampirism Zero SDK:
  • Changed the map so all bases have the same chances
  • 60% faster progression (dual lumber bases, cheaper vamp items).
  • Vampire stun towers (once a builder gets caught in its aura there is almost no getting away). - It must be destroyed - either slowly by attacking with your builder or with your slayers.
  • Human archer-type vampire hunter.
    - One player can play Valeera Helsing instead of the default human gameplay.
    - Valeera has lots of skills but high mana costs for escape skills.
    - She gains lumber and experience by attacking.
    - She can buy ankhs and gets one every 17 minutes for free. (extended ankh mechanic).
    - If she dies, the player controlling her looses.
    - Vampires can grab her and burn her mana with minion abilities, items and towers
  • Several new items:
    - Vampire wards
    - A more powerful mana-burning wand
    - Teleport items (vampires can teleport to obelisks and wards, human slayers to allied units/structures)
    - Super-expensive high-end slayer items
    - Some items stack
    - Buying of gold, lumber, exp and levels


The minimap

If you don't want to find a good layout by yourself

vampirism, zero, sdk, turbo, vampire, tower, hero, survival, tag

Vamp Zero SDK Turbo 2.05 (Map)

10:04, 27th Aug 2015 Orcnet: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2722549-post8.html




10:04, 27th Aug 2015
Orcnet: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2722549-post8.html




I doubt it is created by ownlyme nor do I believe he has the permission to edit/upload the map.

General Resource Rule:
'Resources should be unique. Largely similar resources, such as icons or skins that are hue-adjusted version of each other, simple reskins that don't change the shape of the model, or maps that are effectively clones of each other, such as most LOAP and Footman Wars maps, may be rejected.'

We have tons of vampirism maps and also a Vamp Zero one ( at least one).
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
Hello ownlyme, I really don't know what's going on here, what's does this turbo version differentiate to the original? did the author gave you permission for you to continue this map? if so please elaborate.

And lastly, what's good about this remake than the most original vampirism out of date? This are just a few questions I'd like to see before I moderate this today.
Level 5
Aug 19, 2015
I don't have any permissions, but i've put as much work in continuing this like shadow.killer or edddek did (i doubt those two had permission by blize88, too)
(by the way: r109 means that this is the 109th revision of this mod)

The original map was a bit monotonous, especially for vamps, and took several times the time for one round.

I think i described almost all differences in the map description, but if you want to go deeper, all the triggers not in categories beginning with "sdk" are made by me, entirely (even the item stacking).
The map is also modified though i tried to keep as much of the original style as possible.
And i had to cut/modify some of the original code.
The previous authors are mentioned in the credits, of course.
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
I'm hereby sorry, but such maps without permission of the original author is not allowed, hence a rejection is acquired. The reason why those users you pointed out had access to the prime map was because this site was still young and lacks a proper organization that time, in such way users just upload any stuff they want and staff members that time had no experiences in storing original made maps and to those that are just cloned, rip-offed, and etc. That lasted from 2004-2008 and later 2009.

Until proposals of having a better system to prevent this site from turning into another Epicwar, rules are then meant to be followed properly.

I apologize once again if you made this with a lot of hours, but still this map can't reach up from being approved.