Valve - Source 2

Hello fellow Hivers, what is up!

It's the last quarter of 2015 and things are getting interesting! Valve has recently been working on the new Source 2 engine and Dota 2 Reborn is currently running on it!

In November Valve is finally going to release the new Steam Machines and other hardware pieces to public. Not only are they working on controllers, machines and steam-link but also on the virtual-reality along with HTC Vive.

So there's definitely a lot going on around Steam and Valve but they have remained very silent! So now it's time to speculation and conclusion and opinions.

Valve is surely also working on new games and porting old games from Source to Source 2 engine. I've been following their progress pretty closely and watched videos and read about different leaks and pictures and events and I am excited (probably bad thing when it's about Valve)!

Earlier when asked about a new game and the new engine Gabe Newell answered that they are "waiting for a game to roll out with it". What game is this going to be, as Dota 2 Reborn was just ported on Source 2. What is/are the first game(s) published with Source 2 engine going to be?

So far we know that Left 4 Dead 3 is far in development and that Left 4 Dead 2 is going to get Source 2 port, or at least was used as an experiment. However we also know that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was/is also being ported on Source 2 unlike Team Fortress 2. There has also been a leak naming a folder "cs2", namely being Counter-Strike 2.

It's also known (and assumed) that Valve is working on Half-Life 3, and it's known that it's been in development for quite a while, since the leaks prove that parts of it had to be ports from Source to Source 2. Valve also knows that the expectations are very high and refuses the comment.

Recent leaks however reveal that Half-Life 3 is most likely going to get some pretty major gameplay changes and advanced systems. The leak hints towards some open-world (role playing).

So share your opinions and hypothesis with me/us and tell us what the next Valve game is going to be in your opinion. Make sure to also share your opinion about the Valve Hardware and virtual reality.