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Value for Lumber/Gold of unit

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Level 13
Mar 4, 2009
i need to return lumber and gold of dying unit if he is killed by an ally

EVENT-unit dies
CONDITION-(dying unit) belongs to an ally of (owner of unit(killing unit))
-add to (owner of unit(dying unit)) <gold cost of (dying unit)> correct gold
-add to (owner of unit(dying unit)) <lumber cost of (dying unit)> correct lumber

how can i do this?

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
1 - Use captaingriffens instant build / sell system and disable the build part of it as it automatically logs the gold of untis once they are built.
2 - Set up a hashtable table whereby you attach the cost of every unit to their type so that from the unit type later in the game you can recall the cost (can not link directly to object editor).
3 - You import an enhanced native list containing the AI natives which return the cost of units/buildings adding an extrat 100+ KB onto your map size and rendering your map less future proof for future patches.

The choice is yours, all I advise JASS for.
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