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Unit Slide and Special Effect Circle

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Level 22
Jan 10, 2005
Hey all,

today I started removing all WE Unlimited functions in my map, so I can start editing it in the normal WE again. The problem is, I gotta replace all WEU functions with WE functions, and I got trouble with the two mentioned in the title.

Can anyone tell me how to make these two triggers?

There's also a WEU function I used that makes the game play a sound for one player, but I don't believe this is possible in WE.
Level 8
Jun 26, 2010
Something like that. (it leaks)

  • Actions
  • For Each Integer from 1 to 20 do multiple actions
    • Special Effect - Create a special effect at Point With Polar Offset - ((position of triggering unit)) offset by 300 towards (18*[integer A]) using special effect.mdl
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