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Underground escape [v1.3]

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
You have one quest,escape from the underground.
You get one Guy,and you must jumping from the point to point,and don' fall to the big hole.
Map is very hard,you have 30 lifes for 5 levels.Every level is checkpoint,if you die,you get automaticaly new guy to level checkpoint.
Good luck :)

hard, jump, jumping, escape, guy, peasant, fire, hole, black, dark, point

Underground escape [v1.3] (Map)

14:00, 19th Jul 2009 ap0calypse: Rejected (until updated) Description: Very bad, both on the hive as in-game and not always English (mostly Engrish). Triggers: No idea, map is protected... (who made the jump-trigger?) Gameplay: the general...




14:00, 19th Jul 2009
ap0calypse: Rejected (until updated)

  • Description: Very bad, both on the hive as in-game and not always English (mostly Engrish).
  • Triggers: No idea, map is protected... (who made the jump-trigger?)
  • Gameplay: the general idea is good, but way too boring.
  • Objects: Give the fire the locust-ability, add more spells, make it more interesting.
  • Terrain: The Ice doesn't fit the rest of the terrain...

All in all I can't say too much about this map, because the gameplay hasn't got much to offer.
You just press "D", while changing direction... that is actually the entire game.
It wouldn't surprise me that the triggers are rather inefficient, but I cannot check this obviously...

I gave it a 2/5 for the idea, if you can improve this map (by a lot), I might actually play it some day.
(Note that 2/5 is a high rating for this, so don't expect it to exceed that rating very fast).
Level 1
Dec 7, 2008
What does Libovolný mean? You should change that into English on-hive as well as in-game. Otherwise the people will start to get prejudiced against this map.

You can make on-hive description more appealing by using some different style. For example see this. Such styling can make your map more eye catching.

A little story as to why there is a person stuck can help. Who doesn't like a little story?:xxd:

Inside the game the info has been placed inside a book. You could use the quest menu for that purpose. Read this. That explains how to make the in-game description more attractive.

Spelling and grammar:
When I fall into the hole the message appearing is "Zelda.Alex has foolen to the hole". It should be "Zelda.Alex has fallen into the hole".

When I get into a fire the same message ""Zelda.Alex has foolen to the hole" appears. Instead it should be something like "Zelda.Alex has been killed by the fire" or something like that. You should also place in the info (see in suggestions about info in quest menu) about the fire killing me.

You have said written that there are 50 lives. You should make a counter for the lives. That will make it easier to keep track of the lives left.

You could try to browse through tutorials to see any useful tutorials.

You should make the guy a hero. I was just looking around the map & then I was left thinking "Where did that guy go?" Eventually I was able to find him but I think it would be better if I don't have to look for him in case I start wandering again.

The map is very hard. Wouldn't it be better if there are more than one modes about the number of lives? Or there can be a mode about additional tiles to make it a little easier. That would make it more fun as I am ot sure if everyone would like to save & load to save lives (that was what I started to do when I was left with few lives:xxd:).

Good luck with improving the map.

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