UMSWE -> WEX is doable

Level 5
May 25, 2009
I'm happy to tell you that after a week and hundrets of "hidden" error-prone scripts, I've fully converted my 1.24 map into modern standards.

Perhaps there are better ways, but I did:

1. Used: JNGP 5d & 5g with an old Wc3 and WEX with the latest Wc3.
(My JNGP 5g doesn't use UMSWE, but the same Wc3 folder, therefore I haven't needed to switch folders per registry each time I switched editors)

2. Load map with 5g - it will crash, but before it gives you (as well as WEX) at least one missing function message and the triggernumber in a background window (like DisplayTextToPlayer, 5/560 - so your 5th trigger contains the flawed script).
Note: The first missing function is determining - following ones could be aftereffects.

3. Search for all instances of this function per Object Editor and convert them into custom scripts or rewrite them.
Document/Mark your changes!

4. Perhaps you will face error messages of a misssing trigger containing nothing.
I had to delete half of my triggers, test (loading in 5g), then half of the rest, test, and so on, until I faced the flawed lines. For me these were condition comparisons containg Jass - WEX doesnt have those.

5. Be exhausted but happy with your modernised map running in WEX!
Hopefully you've made not many mistakes while converting, cause for me this was the first time I could testplay my map.

Good to know:
All added UMSWE actions are listed below the normal ones.
(I don't think this is right for conditions and events)
WEX doesn't allow condition comparisons containing Jass codes/custom scripts.
WEX doesn't have the String() function, but I2S and alike.
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