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Ultimate Wars 2.3

There are three teams of two. All of the race's builders have a modified building list and custom hero buildings. Heroes may seem very strong but getting upgrades for your units can help you defeat them.

All of the units for the race can be found in there Barracks, Ancient of War, and Crypt. Units spawn very fast gold and lumber is nothing to worry about.

2.3 Additions
-Quests Bar is now in the map has Command List and Credits.
*Music Commands.
*Game Commands.
*Modelers(Models creators)
-Triggers added and some fixed.
*Stop command now -stop music now works.
*Income command now in-game (turn off/on)
*-footymode changed to -spawn now works.
*Music commands Horde/Rockon changed to -play Poth and -play arthasrock.
*Welcome trigger now plays when game starts displays music/command list.
-Added Six models from Hive Workshop
*For Gnome Hero...Gnome Rogue by Nasrudin.
*For Healer Hero...Conjurer by Gottfrei.
*For Snake Hero...Snake20 by Domokun.
*For Evil Spirit Hero...Ghost and Wraith by Callahan.
*For Pandaren Warrior Hero...Pandaren Battlemaster by General Frank.
*For Stunner Hero...Fel Orc Enforcer by General Frank.
-Fixed some bugs/problems
*Your main building where you get workers will no longer spawn away from workers.
*Creeps no longer attack base
*Upgrades and Items cost needed balancing

Very big thanks also to DrAgOn_FeNiX on US East he made the quests and fixed many of the trigger problems.

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Ultimate Wars 2.3 (Map)

20:55, 12th Jul 2008 VGsatomi: Approved. Altered melee map with a number of changes. Focuses a bit more on hero combat.




20:55, 12th Jul 2008
VGsatomi: Approved. Altered melee map with a number of changes. Focuses a bit more on hero combat.