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Ultimate Map Contest

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Level 6
Apr 29, 2007
I propose a contest that combines some of the other contests. For example, if you could add an interesting intro cinematic, good terrain, and an overall well gameplay into one map, you could have a good contest on your hands.

Lets say we were to use a Hero Defense map as the theme. Give it a good storyline through an intro cinematic with a certain time limit, some rockin terrain, and a smooth fun game, and you have an ultimate map contest.

Things to control could be tilesets you can use, such as Ashenvale, Icecrown Glaicier, Outland, and Lordaeron Fall; and the playable map size such as anything between medium and large. There could also be an in-game player limit, counting or not counting computer players.

Since it will be an Ultimate Map, triggers wil have to come in somewhere. This can be judged in the way of how smooth the game runs, along with the cameras in the cinematic.

You could do skins/models too, but a lot of people lack the talent to make them.

Another way to make it an ultimate map could be to combine map themes such as A Hero Defense with Minigames. Or perhaps an escape map with minigames where you have to complete the minigames to escape, like Escape the Pyramid.
Not open for further replies.