Uhh A little question...?

Level 18
Dec 17, 2009
Well i started off using GMAX since i got interested in scratch-making models instead of Geomerging stuffs, so i made a sword, a simple but hq sword

AND I've exported it and when i tried to UV it in the MDLVIS , theres nothing

I tried mdlvis, WarForger, and stuffs but theres only one vertice on the UV wrap window :eekani:

Now can someone tell me how do i UV Wrap?
What tool should i use?
And how do i Wrap in GMAX?


Skin Reviewer
Level 24
Mar 12, 2008
In Gmax (and 3DS Max), to unwrap you add an Unwrap UV modifier from the modifiers drop down menu on the sidebar. From there you can select faces and work with them in the UV edit window by scrolling down and pressing the Edit button. There was a good tutorial here, but the images are currently broken.

As a hint: if you edit the mesh once you've unwrapped it (besides shifting vertices around), it will irrevocably mess up your unwrapping. To keep editing your mesh after you've unwrapped it, right click the Unwrap UV modifier and click "Collapse To." This will bake it into the mesh, so you can keep editing it :)

Hope that makes sense, (G)Max has a lot to get used to :p