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Two little problems...[PLEASE HELP]

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Level 9
Feb 19, 2008
1. How can I change a building's ground texture to a custom texture? For example: I have a Necropolis, and its ground texture looks like blight, but I need a lava texture, but I can't change the ground texture...

2. How can I make a Lava Growth Small ability (like Blight Growth Small)? I need a lava texture but I can't change the blight...
Data - Creates Blight (false) --> Thats all...

Please help me
Level 11
Nov 15, 2007
You'll have to manually change terrain around the unit with triggers. Blight creation/removal is the only terrain change that can be done with an ability.
Ugh.. 1 just change the ground texture..

2. A simple trigger will suffice..

  • Events
    • Unit - A unit starts the effect of an ability
  • Conditions
    • Ability being used equal to (your ability)
  • Actions
    • Environment - Change terrain type at (Target point of ability being cast) to Dungeon - Lava using variation -1 in an area of size 1 and shape Circle
Play around with that a bit but that is the simplest way id'e say
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