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" turns into " when updating map

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Level 8
Jul 14, 2010
Hello, I have a wierd problem with the description of my map http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/defense-world-pillar-v1-1-a-202178/

When I click update the description text pops up, but all " has turned into: " - which ruins the description text.

Check the link above for the correct text, and compare to this:

Azeroth Defenders: Defense of the World Pillar
Created by aiDer

Hello, and welcome to the last days of Deathwing, the Corrupted Earth Warder! I hope you will have as much fun with this unique HeroDefense as I had making it. I highly recommend you to find a friend(s) to play this with, for the extra intensity and to really feel the teamwork functions do their job, however everything is so much more fun when playing with someone else. A friend and I had a lot of fun with this map in the early BETA, so I assure you that it's even better now! Enjoy!

Currently: After a few intense weeks with this map, I will now take a brake and hopefully get this approved fast. But if you find any bugs or errors please send me a PM ;)

Map Info:
AD: DotWP is a combination of AoS, Survival, Hero Defense, Footmen Frenzy, Offense, TD.

For you who have played the first chapter; AD: Defense of Stormwind, will see that this second chapter have a lot of the same concept, but with a lot of improvements. The defending players (The Earthern Ring) still starts with choosing a Hero, and then upgrading their headquarter to either a Defensive or Offensive one. After some defending and boosting your hero with items and abilities, its time to retaliate and destroy Deathwing's bases. Push towards the bases the waves of enemies are coming from until Deathwing is provoked fourth, then put the Corrupted Earth Warder to rest!

The attacking players (Deathwing's "Twilight's Hammer" and "Darktide Naga") still need to pick their units and create a squad that will interrupt and slow down the defenders progress. They also need to defend bases the defenders need to destroy, while also trying to attack the Deepholm Gate and interrupt the Shamans sealing off the Deepholm entrance. The new thing in AD: DotWP is that special units is removed, and attacking players can pick between a few units that are a little better than normal, up to 20 food limit, some units cost 10 food others cost down to 1 food. These units is the only units the attacking players can control (except bosses), because attacking players can also buy units that automaticly will attack the Deepholm Gate (like offensive units). The reason for this is that in AD: DoS there were too many units to controll, it turned into a spamfest and little strategy. Tower building is still available through the Shade (like AD: DoS). In DotWP, Shades can also level up to a maximum level of 20, they got four abilities they can learn and each ability got 10 levels, so you can max two of them, or all four to level 5. Every minute you get as much experience for your Shade as you got Combat Points, so the more active you are the more experience your Shade get, some units also cost Combat Points, so buying those decrease the amount of experience your shade gets.
When Deathwing broke out of his prison in Deepholm and caused the Cataclysm, he destroyed the World Pillar, which
held all stone and mass of Azeroth and prevented it from collapsing into Deepholm.

Quickly the good-hearted druids and shamans of The Earthern Ring gathered to rebuild the shattered World Pillar.
And with help the Stone Lords of Deepholm and some of Azeroth's finest heroes from The Alliance and The Horde,
the rebuilding of the World Pillar was done in a hurry.

Now, Deathwing seeks to destroy the World Pillar once more. Only this time, he will not leave fragments to rebuild.

The Earthern Ring have called YOU to aid them in sealing off the entrance to Deepholm. With enough time and
the combined powers of the elements, the shamans can build a blockade so strong that Deathwing never can break through to the World Pillar. If the sealing fails, Azeroth will be destroyed...

Defense of the World Pillar takes place at Vedok Isle. Vedok Isle seems like a tiny meaningless
isle in the Echo Isle group, but during the Cataclysm shamans from the The Earthern Ring have been informed that Vedok Isle holds the
Gate of Deepholm, which is the only entrance to the elemental plane of Earth; Deepholm.

-Only spells that are Recommended or higher by the moderators of www.hiveworkshop.com
-A lot the great things you loved about AD: Defense of Stormwind
-Up to 8 players, 1v1-4v4 / 1vC-4vC / Cv1-Cv4
-Balanced for singleplayer and every other combination.
-Attacking forces grow stronger every minute, progression is a must!
-In addition to you hero, you can upgrade your headquarter to either a Defensive HQ or Offensive HQ. Defensive HQ making tower building avaible. Offensive HQ making reinforcements available. Choose your playstyle!
-Interesting bossfights with player interaction on their side!
-Imba models/spells made by masters of art from hiveworkshop.com
-This map requires you to think, observe your enemy, prioritize units, choose between dilemmas and communicate with your friends.
-Your friend left you, but you still want to finish? No problem! Triggers in DotWP is balancing every event to fit the current number of players.
-On higher difficulties this map can keep you entertained for 2 hours!
IconItem NameInscriptionEffectRequires
Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds"Even the bravest cannot fight beyond his strength. So take this my child and feel your strength renewed!"Zin'rokh can be swung with enormous force; gives a 15% that an attack deals 300% bonus damage. In addition, increases the Heroe's base damage by 50 and strength by 20.Titan Essence
Crul'korak, Nemesis of Archmages"Let no man forget how menacing we are! We are lions! Do you know what's there, waiting beyond that hill? Immortality! Take it! It's yours!"Increases the attack damage of the Hero by 30 and attack speed by 30%. In addition the wielder burns enemies' mana for every attack, burning 15 mana and dealing bonus damage equal to the mana burned.Titan Essence
Akmin-Kurai, Bulwark of Azeroth"When the will defies fear, when duty throws the gauntlet down to fate, when honor scorns to compromise with death - Azeroth will never fall."This legendary artifact was one of the many gifts the Titans gave to the Azerothians under one of the first wars in Azeroth. Gives the wielding Hero 20 bonus armor, spell immunity and 1000 bonus hit points.Titan Essence
Aiur, Greatstaff of the Lost Universe"The Gods envy us. They envy us because we're mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed."Increases the attack damage of the Hero by 20, mana by 1000, mana regeneration by 50% and 75% magic damage reduction.Titan Essence

Playable Map Size: 125x155
Trees/Destructible: NO destructible trees in this map, only beautiful custom trees.
Doodads (Other): Over 17 000 doodads placed with love.
Players: 1-8

Main objective: The Earthen Ring have already started to seal off the entrance to Deepholm, and need your help to defend them while they do it! The sealing will take days, so all of Vedok Isle must be secured!

Loss condition: Gate of Deepholm is destroyed, resulting in exposing the shamans doing the sealing progress.

Optional: Hunt down Merciless Turtles for a nice bounty.

Main objective: Destroying the Deepholm Gate, while defending Deathwing's bases with squads of units and tower building.

Loss condition: Deathwing the Destroyer is defeated.

Here I will add text that explains a normal game of Defense of the World Pillar, so you get how it is.

-The most important tip first; Shadow of Death can be spawned by Twilight Cultists (Acolyte model) if there are corpses around. Shadow of Death is a huge untargetable green skull that move very slowly, but if it get close to an enemy, it will damage it a lot. To avoid this insane damage, avoid the skull until its gone or kill the Twiligth Cultist first (if the Cultist die first, there is no corpse it can spawn Shadow of Death from in the first place.
-If you choose the Defensive Headquarter, place your towers close to the Gate of Deepholm, because the waves after wave 1 sends units that flank you from the sides.
-Barricades, which you can buy at the Alternate Medicine store, is very usefull if you are leaving the defenses for awhile. Attack units will use time destroying these Barricades before they advance against the Gate of Deepholm

Terrain Description:
Since terrain was my minus in Azeroth Defenders: Defense of Stormwind, I have used a few more hours on the terrain.

The tileset is Sunken Ruins because Deepholm is located under the Maelstrom over the South Seas. So the Echo Isles is not far from it, which made it a natural choice to put the other entrance to Deepholm on an isle in the Echo Isle group. The isles in the Echo Isle group is placed under equator in the middle of the sea, so it got a lot of tropical environment, with palms and overgrown terrain.

Also, if you see under Battlefield map, you can see orange paths lead to total of four bases, for example if only player 1 is playing; when the bases on the left get destroyed, the southern middle orange paths get activated, after those southern bases is destroyed, the epic bossfight against Deathwing the Destroyer starts!

The terrain will most likely get a new doodad here and there for every update here on HiveWorkshop, so tell me if I should fix anything to make it look better. Please be honest!


This Battlefield overview is a old picture, but it's just to show you how the structure of the map is ;)

A Guardian of the Twilight protecting a Twilight Stone

A waterfall between two Darktide Naga bases

Lady Vashj awaiting her command from Deathwing

Massive corals can be seen over all of Vedok Isle

A twisty and rocky path to the second Darktide Naga base

A Sea Elemental and a Naga Royal Guard defending the third Darktide Naga base

The Alliance base

The Horde base

The coastline near the Horde base

These foot switches are important in order to turn of an eventual activation process of a Guardian of Vedok

A great river flowing through Vedok Isle

Darktide Nagas and Twilight Warriors defending the first Twilight base

First Darktide Naga base

Destroy rocks to open up new paths

Dark Iron Demolishers awaiting to ambush from a ledge

A bridge that can take you over the chasm

Infested ground that will damage anyone who step into it

Gate of Deepholm seen from behind

Some ancient ruins hiding a spider nest

"They are too many! Fall back!"

Take that ledge! Attack them from above!

The Darktide Naga is attacking from behind, brace yourself!

Hale Sunchaser the Pyromaster with one of his spells

Gruntilda the Warlock destroying some rocks to get to the portal. Portals teleport you to a random spot on Vedok Isle

Phoenix Towers roasting some poor enemies

Bossfight with Iso'rath, Servant of the Old Gods while Deathwing comes flying and drops deadly flames

Centrius and Gruntilda taking out a Twilight outpost

Druids from the Cenarion Circle taken by Lady Vashj's whirlpool

Barricades and towers is a good combination to avoid leaks

Only 1 second more and the Guardion of Vedok would be awoken, phew!

Deathwing in trouble

Units Description:
There are two forces here, The Earthern Ring and Deathwing Forces.

The Earthern Ring have convinced Warchief Thrall's Horde and King Wrynn's Alliance to stand together against this massive threat to all of Azeroth, so there can be a lot of variety in unit types on this side; Orcs, Undead, Human, Night Elf, Troll, Dwarves, Gnomes, Blood Elves, Tauren, Worgen, Draenei and Goblins. Depends of what models I find and their filesize etc ;P

Deathwing the Destroyer seeks to destroy the World Pillar for good, and have called upon his allies and minions. The attacking units you will see in DotWP will be the Darktide Naga and the strongest warriors of the Twilights Hammer.

There is 6 Strength, 6 Intelligence and 6 Agility Heroes. 9 Heroes from the Alliance and 9 Heroes from the Horde, summoned at Tower of Grand Marshals and Tower of High Warlords respectively.

Intellect Heroes

The Warlock
Gruntilda The Warlock: Master of demonic powers and pure darkness....

Can learn Aura of Terror, Chaos Bolts, Hellfire and Rain of Chaos.

Special Ability: The Warlock can raise the Shadow of Death itself from a corpse, the Shadow of Death will hunt down nearby enemies and tear their soul apart.

The Shaman
NAME The Shaman: Master of the elements, showing no mercy for those who just wants to destroy Azeroth...

Can learn Fire Totem, Telluric Currents, Chain Lightning and Neptulon's Rage.

Special Ability: Can summon a Earth Totem that heals nearby friendly units.

The Druid
Centrius Moonlight The Druid: A friend and instrument of nature itself...

Can learn Gaia's Defense, Carnivorous, Entangling Roots and Twister.

Special Ability: Enemies that attack the druid is damaged for a percantage of the attacking damage.

The Stone Elder
Gaius The Rock Elder: The wisest of all the Stone Lords...

Can learn Force of Deepholm, Earth Shock, Splitting Boulder and Flux Storm.

Special Ability: ...

The Arcane Mage
Mesil-kree The Witch Doctor: Master of vodoo magic and dark shamanistic powers...

Can learn Voodoo Curse, Acid Bomb, Shaking the Voodoo Doll and Soulfire.

Special Ability: ...

The Pyromaster
NAME The Pyromaster: Addicted to the fiery powers of the Fire element...

Can learn Phoenix, Magma Burst, Liftoff and Meteorites.

Special Ability: ...

Agility Heroes

The Combat Rogue
Fur'talos The Combat Rogue: Agile warrior that prefer parrying and dodging enemy attacks rather than using a shield.

Can learn Telepathic Aura, Parry, Fan of Knives and Telekinesis.

Special Ability: Dancing Blades 40% chance to parry incoming attacks.

The Hunter
NAME The Hunter: Equiped with bow and enchanted arrows, NAME can cause devasting damage at long range.

Can learn Ravagers, The Great Escape, Concussive Shot and Blot Out the Sun.

Special Ability: ...

The Demolisher
NAME The Demolisher: Fast and agile engineer with too much high-tech explosives. He loves to run into a battle, drop of the "stuff" and blow it off! Distance to the explosions is no concern, the closer the better!

Can learn Bob-Omb!, Ion Beam, Goblin Nano Mine and Roflcopter.

Special Ability: ...

The Berserker
NAME The Berserker Mighty warrior that prefers light swords and armor to fight enemies.

Can learn Killing Spree, Colossus Smash, Cutting Edge and The Unstoppable Force.

Special Ability: ...

The Shadowstalker
NAME The Shadowstalker: Master of stealth and dealing mighty and precise blows to vital organs and bodyparts.

Can learn Vanish, Paralyzing Dagger, Slice and Dice and Smoke Bomb.

Special Ability: ...

The Discipline Priest
NAME The Discipline Priest: Combat Priest with an immense discipline. Master of understanding the opponment's movement so he can foresee and use attacks from enemies against themselves. Can also use shielding abilites.

Can learn Reflections of Light, Pain Suppression, Flash of Light and Omega Wave.

Special Ability: ...

Strength Heroes

The Blood Drinker
Zul'rajas The Blood Drinker: Vicious and brutal warrior that gains energy by biting your head off! Often called the Blood Drinker.

Can learn Unholy Bite, Blood Worms, Taste for Blood and Blood Craze.

Special Ability: ...

The Death Knight
NAME The Death Knight: Mighty undead warrior that betrayed the Lich King and joined the good side.

Can learn Animate Dead, Death Pulse, Chilled to the Soul and Blizzard.

Special Ability: ...

The Warrior
NAME The Warrior: Ruthless warrior that uses raw strength to rip his enemies apart.

Can learn Shattering Throw, Heroic Strike, Thunder Clap and The Beast Within.

Special Ability: ...

The Paladin
Keira Lightbringer The Paladin: Stalward defender of all good in Azeroth. Uses holy magic to burn evil out of his enemies.

Can learn Holy Birds, Judgement, Holy Storm and Flash of Heaven.

Special Ability: ...

The Battle Mage
Aisha The Battle Mage: Mighty warrior that uses magic whenever he's not attacking, resulting in bombarding his enemy with damage.

Can learn To the Twisting Nether, Walk of Magi, Arcane Missiles and Arcane Blasts.

Special Ability: ...

The Champion
Athorn Hillsbrad, Champion of the Alliance: A great inspirator and tactican. Also quite good with his Two-Handed sword.

Can learn Victory Rush, Comradeship, Summon Lordaeron Spectre and Warcry.

Special Ability: ...

These are the units that can be bought from the Offensive Headquarter. Every unit got their strong and weak sides.

-Footman - Versatile foot soldier. Can use the Defend ability to reduce incoming Piercing attacks.
-Blood Elf Archer - Basic long-ranged archer with light armor. Got the Shadow Meld ability.
-Druid - Maneuverable spellcaster. Can cast Faerie Fire, which reduces armor and gives vision of an enemy unit. Can also cast Cyclone, which tosses the target unit up in the air, immobilizing it for a few seconds.
-Witch Doctor - Supporting spellcaster. Can cast Heal and Healing Totem to nourish friendly units' wounds.
-Sorcoress - Versatile spellcaster with freezing attack. Can initially cast Slow, which decreases movement and attack speed on enemy units. Can also cast Invisibility and Polymorph.
-Blademaster - Brutish orc warrior with low HP but high melee damage. Have the ability to avoid enemy attacks and make critical strikes.
-Rhonin Knight - Alliance's elite unit. Massive HP and armor and medium damage.
-Shaman - Horde's elite unit. Massive damage and the Bloodlust ability, medium HP.

These are the units the Deathwing players can buy, and will be sent in the controll of Deathwing:

-Darktide Murloc - Simple melee unit.
-Twilight Warrior - Efficient warrior of the Twilight's Hammer. Medium armor with a melee weapon.
-Dark Iron Demolishers - Long-range siege weaponry. Exceptional damage versus the Gate of Deepholm, but slow and vulnerable.
-Darktide Turtle - Strong unit with high HP and armor, but can only attack the Deepholm Gate.
-Glopgut Ogre - Ogre from the Twilight Highlands. This powerfully built Ogre can crush lesser beasts with his bare hands. Has Taunt, Bash, and Endurance Aura.
-Twilight Sky Dominator - Inspired by the zeppelin, this flying machine is capable of dropping powerful bombs down at enemies.
-Couatl - Light agile unit that can cast Abolish Magic. In addition, have a 75% chance to evade incoming attacks.
-Darktide Myrmidon - Powerful melee unit. Burns enemies' mana for every attack, got the Naga Slime ability aswell.

The players allied with Deathwing the Destroyer can also choose between 8 different units to put in their squad. Unlike the wave units, which you can't controll, these squad units can be controlled by the player and these units gather gold from their kills. The squad units cost food and a lesser amount of gold, so when your squad units die you can hire new ones. Weaker units cost less than the strong ones, currently the food cap is 20.

-Snap Dragon (3 Food) - Light naga unit with a short ranged attack that slows down enemies. Also has a very high movement speed, making it a perfect flanking unit.
-Naga Royal Guard (11 Food) - Incredibly powerful melee unit. Has Resistant Skin, which reduces the duration of negative spells, Frost Bolt, which stuns a target enemy unit, Crushing Wave, which deals damage in a line, and Heart of the Ocean, which summons tiny water elementals that can heal nearby friendly units.
-Massive Darktide Turtle (20 Food) - A powerful turtle that can devour enemy units. Good at destroying enemy buildings. Has Hardened Skin, which reduces damage taken, and Spiked Shell which deals damage to enemy melee attackers. And masses of armor to defend it on its path to the Deepholm Gate.
-Darktide Juggernaut (13 Food) - Naga unit with a heavy shell that defend it against any damage source. Its attacks is so powerful that it has a chance to stun the attacked enemy.
-Naga Siren (4 Food) - Powerful spellcaster. Can initially cast Parasite, which damages an enemy unit over time and can spawn a Watery Minion from their corpse. Can also cast Frost Armor, and Cyclone.
-Sea Elemental (3 Food) - Medium ranged water elemental that can Bash opponents. Splits into two new elementals when slain.

-Molten Beast (4 Food) - Magma beast inspired by Deathwing The Destroyer, spawned in molten rage. Medium amount of HP, armor and attack damage. Also has the ability to burn small amounts of mana.
-Guardian of the Twilight (13 Food) - Heavy melee unit. Got the Disease Cloud ability and Cannibalize.
-Faceless One Deathbringer (8 Food) - Heavy ranged unit that hurls bolts of chaos. Can cast Silence and Animate Dead.
-Twilight Cultist (4 Food) - Essential spellcaster. Can initially cast Raise Shadow of Death on corpses. Can also cast Unholy Frenzy and Cripple.
-Molten Giant (10 Food) - Massive melee unit with a lot of HP. Has Taunt, Resistant Skin and Hardened Skin.

All the bosses gets their base HP increased heavily for every Earthern Ring player active, tips and shared visual from the bosses is activated for -easy and -normal mode, deactivated for -hard and -veryhard.

-Spongebob - Elite unit that spawns until the fight against Deathwing starts. He got a lot of HP and armor and his only goal is to destroy the Gate of Deepholm, kill him before he gets too close, because he deals heavy siege damage. He will cast rupture on units and heroes that attack him. Rupture forces you to stand still, cus if you move you loose heavy amounts of HP, watch your buffbar!

-Iso'rath, Servant of the Old Gods - Monstrous creature from the depths that spawn in the middle of The Earthern Ring base with 2 tentacles for every active Earthern Ring player, he also heals 1% HP for every Earthern Ring Player active every 4th second, making it impossible to solo him as one player if you are 4 Earthern Ring players. This boss has to be nuked, because he spawns new tentacles every few seconds, which can evolve to a serious number if left unchecked. Iso'rath spawns after the first base(s) is destroyed.

-Lady Vashj - She is surrounded by small and dangerous Makruras (1 for every Earthen Ring player active), which do massive damage if they get close to you. However the Makruras move very slowly, so you can avoid their attacks. She will cast a powerful whirlpool as often as she can, which forces you to keep distance for a few seconds. She is located in the middle of Vedok Isle, in the "swamp", and she gets vulnerable after you take out the 2nd level of base(s).

-Deathwing the Destroyer - The corrupted Earth Warder wants to destroy the World Pillar and Azeroth with it, so the Old Gods can be free. This bossfight requires a lot of movement, because every 15th second flames spawns at the position of Deathwing, burning every enemy close the the fires, drag Deathwing a few yards away to avoid being damaged. Deathwing also spawns 1 Magma Elemental at the location of every Earthern Ring Hero every minute, they follow the Hero slowly so you can avoid being burned. Deathwing will shoot out a fiery missile at a random attacking unit, the missile will circle around the target unit, forcing friendlies of the target unit to spread out, avoiding the missile. The last spell is the most dangerous; "Molten Rage", this spell will damage every unit around deathwing for 500 every second, the area this spell works in is small so you can move out of it fast.
Deathwing also lifts off and start flying to another location on the map, every 2min.

The Earthern Ring players with Defensive Headquarter, will have the chance to choose between 4 different tower types, each with further upgrades. Fire Towers deals low splashing damage. Lightning Towers deals frequent, medium single-target damage from a long distance. Tower of Auras has auras that enhance every friendly units fighting skills. Mage Towers got autocast abilities which enhance friendly units or reduce enemies' fighting skills.

-Basic Fire Tower. Can be upgraded to Advanced Fire Tower, and further upgraded to Tower of Burning Steppes or Tower of the Phoenix.
-Basic Lightning Tower. Can be upgraded to Advanced Lightning Tower, and further upgraded to Tower of Crushing Thunder or Tower of Piercing Thunder.
-Tower of Auras. Can be upgraded to either Tower of Devotion, Tower of Speed, Tower of Thorns or Tower of Energy.
-Mage Tower. Can be upgraded to either Tower of Bloodlust, Tower of Horror, Tower of Slow or Tower of Restoration.

Modes and Commands:
Deathwing's units will increase % of their base HP every minute based on the difficulty set. In addition, the difference between -easy and -veryhard is huge. A few things is that -veryhard reduces the Gate of Deepholm's HP heavily, gives you only 1 gold every 2 seconds, gives you lesser time in timers like "Guardian's Awakening" and "Wrath of Deathwing", increases HP every minute heavily compared to -easy.
Gold income: Players will get gold in the same way like DoS, gold every 2 seconds and gold from bounties. Gold income depends on mode set and the amount of players on the other side.

Use your gold: The Earthen Ring players can use their gold to buy items and units from Offensive HQ or towers from Defensive HQ.

Deathwing players can use their gold to buy units they can controll from Twilight Summoner or Naga Spawn, build towers with their shade Hand of Deathwing, or buy units that automaticly attacks the Gate of Deepholm from the Deathwing's Summoner. Units bought from Deathwing's summoner is cheaper than the ones bought from Twilight Summoner and Naga Spawn.
-si | Shared Income. This command shares all your gold income by 15% for each allied player you have
-roll | Roll. The roll command can be typed by all players. It allows for rolling on items or just for fun!
-pizza | Pizza Timer. Type this command to start a timer that will alert you in 15 minutes.
-elit | Extended Life Increasing Timer. Type -elit to increase Deathwing's units HP every 1min and 30th sec instead of every 1min.
-srs | Switch Revive System. Only available when there's more than one Earthen Ring player. Removes the Tombstone revive system and activates standard ressing system. Do not turn on standard ressing system while a Hero is under a tombstone, this will make it impossible to revive the Hero, if this happens, change back to Tombstone ressing system by typing -srs again.

  • Gold Every Second
    • Events
      • Time - Every 2.00 seconds of game time
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Set DeathwingPlayers = (All enemies of Player 11 (Dark Green))
      • Set EarthernRingPlayers = (All enemies of Player 10 (Light Blue))
      • Player Group - Pick every player in DeathwingPlayers and do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Player - Add ((EarthernRingPlayersActive + 3) - DeathwingPlayersActive) to (Picked player) Current gold
          • Camera - Set (Picked player)'s camera Field of view to 88.00 over 3.00 seconds
      • Player Group - Pick every player in EarthernRingPlayers and do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Player - Add (Mode + 1) to (Picked player) Current gold
          • Camera - Set (Picked player)'s camera Field of view to 88.00 over 3.00 seconds
      • Custom script: call DestroyForce(udg_DeathwingPlayers)
      • Custom script: call DestroyForce(udg_EarthernRingPlayers)
  • Very Hard
    • Events
      • Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -veryhard as An exact match
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Set Mode = 1
      • Set DeathwingForceHPMultiplier = 4.00
      • Game - Display to (All players) for 10.00 seconds the text: (Game mode is now set to |c00FF0000Very Hard|r. Deathwing's units' HP will increase by 4% every minute. 2gold/2sec for The Earthern Ring Heroes. + ((String(ShowGoldDeathwingGets)) + gold/2sec for Deathwing Players! Gate of Deepholm's HP is set to 5000!))
      • Player - Set Player 10 (Light Blue) handicap to ((Player 10 (Light Blue) handicap) + 30.00)%
      • Trigger - Turn off (This trigger)
      • Trigger - Turn off Easy <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Normal <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Hard <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Default <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Shadow of Death message <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Spongebob incoming <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Spongebob message <gen>
      • Destructible - Set max life of Gate of Deepholm (Horizontal) 0009 <gen> to 5000.00
      • Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units of type Gnome Supply Carrier (Item Carrier)) and do (Unit - Kill (Picked unit))

Author's notes: After a few intense weeks with this map, I will now take a brake and hopefully get this approved fast. But if you find any bugs or errors please send me a PM ;)
Ideas that most likely will come in future updates:
-DeathwingPlayersOnly mode, summon warriors from the Twilight and nagas from the depths to destroy the Gate of Deepholm. Cenarius has been resurrected and will defend Azeroth's last defense with his life.
Special Thanks To:
-All the people below ((X) is the number of resources the person has in "Azeroth Defenders: Defense of the World Pillar"):

Model/Skin: Kwaliti (Deathwing), Ganondorf (The Rock Elder), Dionesiist (Champion, Combat Priest, Pyromaster, Champion's Weapon), 67chrome (Blood Elf Archer, Paladin, Gnome Engineer), Kimberly (CritterTurtle), Red Shift (Dark Iron Blasters, Orc Shamans), l0w_kwaliti (Twilight Portal, Deathwing Felstalker), Werewulf (Darktide Murloc), shamanyouranus (Earth Totem, Fire Totem), WILLTHEALMIGHTY (CustomExplosion), xXMephistoXx (Crul'karok), Sunchips (Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds), ironmaiden (Witch Doctor), sPy (CustomWaterMissile), dickxunder (Battle Mage), Usedwell (Aiur), Em! (Twilight Stone), M0rbid (CustomSelectionCircles), enjoy (Naga Siren), anarchianbedlam (TheRockElder's Missile Model), L_Lawliet (Molten Giant), zadelim (Death Knight), Dan van Ohllus (Bob-Omb), Ashenvale Golem (Guardian of Vedok), Ampharos_222 (Guardian of the Twilight)

Icon: Anachron (3), 67chrome (4), Mr.Goblin (3), shamanyouranus (3), dickxunder (2), zadelim (2), PeeKay (6), NFWar (5), oddsocks (1), Elainiel (2), CRAZYRUSSIAN (7), Army-of-Pandas (1), FrIkY (6), Destructor (1), bigapple90 (1), kola (2), SkriK (1), Hellx-Magnus (1), Dan van Ohllus (1), Naro (4), tonic (2)

Spells: aiDer (9), Maker (3), Deaod (2), Thanathos (1), Justify (1), -Berz- (8), Paladon (5), BlackHawk (2), Flood (3), Kricz (2), Marsal (1), baassee (1), kingarmor1 (1), Mantis_Style (2), xBlackRose (2), -JonNny (2), scorpion182 (2),

Check out all these artists' works on: www.hiveworkshop.com!

You found a resource of yours that is not credited for? My harddisk crashed in June, where I lost all credits up to that crash. PM me if there are missing credits for a resource.

Changes that made a greater impact on DotWP than other changes:
-Sparky, a Deathwing minion, has been deployed on Vedok Isle. He will teleport randomly around map until he gets killed by you. He got an annoying stun, so try to damage him as much as possible every time his within sight.
-A Gnome Engineer will spawn about every 10th minute, he will move to a random spot close to the Earthen Ring defenses trying to assemble a Gnomish Explosive. If you fail defending him, nagas will come toward the Gate of Deepholm instead of being blown up.
-Exchanged about 20 boring Blizzard icons with custom ones from hiveworkshop.com
-Exchanged over 10 boring Blizzard spells with custom ones from hiveworkshop.com (A few of the new ones is Breath of Al'akir, Telepathic Storm, Soul Strike and Damnation)
-Lady Vashj now get one water tentacle for every EarthenR player active, the tentacles cast whirlpool in sync with Lady Vashj, more eyecandy and chaos!
-A Gnome Engineer will spawn about every 10th minute, he will move to a random spot close to the Earthen Ring defenses trying to assemble a Gnomish Explosive. If you fail defending him, nagas will come toward the Gate of Deepholm instead of being blown up.
-Tips have been added, and will show the first minute of the game. The tips tell essential things about the map. Tips will be shut off if -hard or -veryhard is chosen.
-Fixed the Game Time. It changed to 1min every 61 seconds.
-Sparky, a Deathwing minion, has been deployed on Vedok Isle. He will teleport randomly around map until he get the chance to kill him. He got an annoying stun, so try to damage him as much as possible every time his within sight.
-Reduced the time before Deathwing comes flying over TER base.
-A lot of tooltips have been fixed.
-All the Heroes' stories have been completed.
-Added music to the win/loss event.
-Multiboard didnt show player names, fixed.
-Fixed the custom spell Comradeship and exchanged it with Flag of Glory
-Exchanged Pyromaster's Flame Strike with the custom spell Magma Burst
-Polished and added dialogues when Deathwing dies or wins
-It takes 1 min longer before the waves start coming
-Wave 3 for player 1 didnt have naga units, fixed now

"Map Protection"
This map is protected for now, after the map has been approved,the development thread will get the full unprotected version so everyone who wants, can learn from my project. Please don't steal or distribute my work. Thanks!
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