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Turn Based Warfare

Turn Based Warfare 1.00

Union and Federal forces are converging in this city, the armies are evenly matched.. It will take the command of a great general to lead your chosen army to victory...

Turn Based Warfare utilizes Nomadians excellent turn system, modified to make it playable for two people. In this game two players will have to use their forces tactically to gain an upper hand and drive the enemy from the city.

How Does It Work?

Each turn a player selects one of his units to command that turn, you will then have 10 seconds to command that unit before the turn passes over to your enemy. You may select any unit you control to command each turn but be careful, certain units are better against somethings than others and letting a single unit charge forward is a guaranteed way to get it killed. The winner is the player too totally annihilate all of the opposing players units.


-Unique and very strategic game play where every unit must be used to its full potential to gain victory.

-Destructible terrain (Party Complete) - The plan is to have the battlefield explode and change as your units plow across it. This is still in the works but for a laugh try driving a tank over a car or truck and watch as it is crushed.

-All New Units - Every unit is a new model taken from the hive, (Many from Frankster as credited in the game).


Federal Forces

The Federal army is composed of high tech vehicles piloted by qualified pilots and crew men. As a Federal Commander you should note that in general your army is faster and more technologically advanced than the Union army. However most of your units are not as well armoured and while they may fire at an increased rate their shells do not match the calibre of the enemy tanks. In order to acheive victory you should focus on hard and fast strikes on important enemy units, however try to avoid direct exchanges as your units do not have the same staying power of the Union forces. Air control will be important as many of the large union vehicles are defenseless against your condors, as long as you are clever yet decisive you will push the socialist Union army out of this town and back to the pit it came from!

Union Forces

The Union army is both fearless and determined. Union equipment is mostly out-dated (apart from the experimental weaponary) but has been found to be quite effective even against even the "superior" federal technology. Tanks constructed by union engineers also have a tendency to be huge and very tough making them considerably hard to destroy. Be cautious with your cobra's, the enemy has considerable anti-air defences where you are quite limited. Remember to press the attack and force the enemy into a straight battle and you will be victorious. Fail and allow the federal forces to outflank you and you will be annilated.


Upcoming Features

-Full battlefield destruction, trees and cars and everything else fall down in the path of your mighty tanks

-More Units, there is already a fair number of units per faction but im planning to bring even more to either side.

-New Factions, due to the amount of space used in the new models this might indeed have to be a whole new map rather than an addition. If this is what it comes to however look out for new battlegrounds with new factions and new tactics.

-Greater balance, i believe the factions are quite fair but id love feedback!

Turn, Sci-fi, Modern, Strategy, Tank, Union, Federal,

Turn Based Warfare (Map)

19:21, 24th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved Comment
Level 4
Aug 18, 2006
Right its been a long time since i started this project and haven't done anything with it. Its about time it gets uploaded and abit of love and attention. I realize it still needs alot of work but i'd love feedback as it is now.
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009
Review by Ironside

Positive features:

- Unique type of map
- Contains a quest menu story
- Terrain fits the map, could be better

Negative features:

- A multiboard / leaderboard should be added whcih displays at least the basic information like kills, time left, ...
- The gameplay is quite boring, I expected it to be more unique
- Quite a long game, too low happens for a game this long

Additional Information / Conclusion:

If you'll continue to work on the project it could turn into a very great map.
Good Luck.

Rating: 2.4/5
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