Tsukarii Sniper

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These deadly archers of the Death Angels are the personal signature unit of Maricar Valens' Ranger Corps. Can fire Black Arrows, Reincarnation and Immune to spells.

The Tsukarii was a long-forgotten race of Elves who were obsessed with the death cult which has been abolished by the Imperials long time ago, its infusion of marksmanship and dark arts makes them an intimidating opponent to their enemies. Now these cult-crazed Elves were now under the leadership of the Death Ranger-Lieutenant Maricar Valens, as she and her fellow Tsukarii will fight a new enemy in Outland. Upon death, they were reincarnated into their corporeal form and return their normal form again.

Valens was a Tsukarii who joined the Imperial Army, she formed the Death Angels Ranger Corps then and now.

Updated just now: Stand up model and effects added.

Tsukarii Sniper (Model)

Tsukarii Sniper Portrait (Model)

Tsukarii Sniper Icon (Icon)