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Trox (Alpha Murloc) Recreation

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is my first step in recreating the "Trox," as the early Murloc was called back in both the Alpha and Beta.
This is not the most accurate portrait, as seen on these old screenshots, but it is close, and an update will come.

I also edited the portrait's background, so it shows any player color and not just Red.

All credits to Blizzard for the original Trox ideal and the original Murloc texture. Extra credit to anyone who may freely improve on the texture recreation, but do give me credit for the recreation itself.

**Credits to lion man for recommending changes to the skin**

- Trox.blp
- 106 KB
- Trox.mdx
- 86 KB
- Trox.portrait.mdx
- 27 KB

- Trox_V2.blp
- 99.8 KB
- Trox_V3.blp
- 101 KB

Trox (Alpha Murloc) Recreation (Portrait) (Model)

Trox (Alpha Murloc) Recreation (Unit) (Model)

Trox_V2 (Texture)

Trox_V3 (Texture)

General Frank
May useful for some people, but it is a bit too simple.
This is but merely a recreation of the skin put onto the mesh Blizzard repurposed for the Murloc race.
Believe it or not, this actually took me a while to draw, so it resembles the original Trox.
I believe you, but this fact does not make it more or less viable to be approved.
This is model is just a very basic edit (if your edited the geometry at all) with a skin on top.
Level 6
Apr 18, 2021
No need to say sorry, we all make mistakes. What do you think of the recreation of the skin?
I love seeing the screenshots showing the ideas that didn't make it to the final game, and I appreciate someone trying to bring those ideas back.
Now, about the texture itself: I think the stripes on the side should be more rounded and of a dark green color, seeing the original image it seems that it had some purple shorts but that is just my personal interpretation, despite those two small details, I really liked the texture, I couldn't have done it better.

Edit: shorts probably have TC