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[JASS] Troubles with Neutral Units fleeing

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Hey everyone I have a trouble in which I use Neutral Victim and Neutral Extra as computer players so the rest of the players are users and the Neutral Hostil and Passive Remain the same. What I did was to simply ally each neutral player with a team of 6 and then make it create units to attack the other team. (Think of it like in an AoS/DotA)

The Problem:

1rst When the units are ordered to attack-move some where they return to the spawn area after a while, I fixed this by setting the Guard Distance to 0.0, Guard Return distance to 9999999, guard return time to 999999. and cells to another big arse number and building detection to 0.0.

2nd Problem, ok the first problem got pretty much solved, but when the units reach a tower and start being attacked by the tower, they flee(run away like cowards). I don't know why this happens

Things I've tried

call SetPlayerController(Player(13),MAP_CONTROL_COMPUTER)
//Did not work.
call SetUnitCreepGuard(u,false) //u is a unit created for the neutral player
//Did not work as well

I know this is possible (not sure if without using anti-flee triggers) because ToB uses this system. I would be very Gratefull for any help you can provide.

I would use Anti-flee triggers, but I'm looking for a solution that does not overload the map.
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