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Trouble finding/remembering space strategy map(found)

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Jan 6, 2023
Long shot here but I've been itching like a stinky dog to remember what this custom game was called!
and I'm throwing a hail marry out hoping someone knows it!!

I thought it was named "Galactic Conquest" but I think that's wrong, the ones I've downloaded on hive aren't right.
So I'm going to throw out a shitty description of the game to see if anyone else remembers it and also remembers the name.

It was a Planet colonizing game, where the planets were flat squares with preset building on them where you could upgrade your buildings, and the higher you upgraded your building the longer it took(as a kid I remember it taking like 10 minutes at higher levels). Building were recourses, shipyard, research, capitol.... yatta yatta

The map was filled with these square planets and they all have habitability levels, planet types, details, and if it wasn't habitable you had to terraform it before you could send a colony ship to colonize it.

The combat took you to a whole separate map where your camera was locked and it spawned in the ships you had created (you could build ships in colony mode but they only spawn during as combat)

All of this took hours to complete, individual upgrades and researches would take 10's of minutes, I've been itching to play it but I need your help to rememba... what was it called?

Found Space Command
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