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[Import] Trigger Spawn Units every X sec

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Level 3
Jun 1, 2013
Trigger Spawn X Units A every X (Y, Z) sec after 3/5/8 min


Could anybody please help me with this trigger, Im having alot of problems creating it. Preferably someone who can create it for me? :p

Classical wave of units trigger à la X-Hero Siege

-Starting after 60 sec gametime
-Every X sec spawn (x number of) units A paired with (y number of) unit C to every player's area (only if that player is still in game)
-After 3 min of gametime spawn every Y sec (y number of) units B to every player's area
-After 8 min of gametime... etc

Each time other frequency, different unit time, different quantity.

I am not able to get this trigger working. Need help please
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