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Trigger Data and Strings Merger

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Level 24
Feb 2, 2006
If you want to provide a JASS API for GUI trigger users, you need to modify the files "UI/TriggerData.txt" and "UI/TriggerStrings.txt".

Once modified it can be hard to find your own additions. Besides that, you will get a problem when you want to provide multiple JASS APIs from different projects as GUI trigger actions, calls, events etc.

Therefore I've added the option "--merge" to my tool "wc3converter" in the wc3lib.

wc3converter --merge --overwrite NewTriggerData.txt UI/TriggerData.txt MyOwnTriggerData.txt

Merges the files to one (multiple files can be appended, the last file has the highest priority).
The new file can be placed as "UI/TriggerData.txt" in a custom MPQ archive.

The same works with trigger strings:
wc3converter --merge --overwrite NewTriggerStrings.txt UI/TriggerStrings.txt MyOwnTriggerStrings.txt

It helps you to keep your own files clean and to keep the original files as well.

Here you can see an example usage for my modification:
dmdf/src/TriggerData at master · tdauth/dmdf · GitHub
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