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tolerated or not?

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Hey all!
I was making some simple custom models (not meaned to upload them on THW), but some of them are no showing up in Warcraft 3 Editor and gameplay. I made them with the following tools: Magos, Vertex Modify and Geoset merger. What can be the error or bug? I don't get an error message ingame or in War3 Editor, they just don't show up and i can select them ingame.
I browsed the internet for a fixing tool, and found this one: http://zapnexor.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/diabolic-warcraft-iii-tools-v0-3-by-diabolic/. Is this a tool that's allowed 2 be used on THW? How good is it? Has any1 ever tried it? Is it a possible solution for my problem?
On the unselectable model, I guess you either need to recalculate the extends of the model, add selection boxes/spheres or do both. Both can be done with Magos.

On the changer thingy I guess it's just a look changer. We have something similar in the tools section. It won't help you with your model problem.

thank you for the advise and tool. Well i can at least try it. What do i loose? :ogre_hurrhurr:
tried it with the extensions but it didn't work either. Whenever i place a unit in war3 editor that uses as model file one of those custom-mades, they show up as a green-black, chessboard-styled box and displays me the following message: Could not load file: <Name of the model>.mdl. I know how to import models in War3 editor, i did all things needed, imported the .mdx models, here is a screenshot of my issue:
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