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Tips and tricks about map compression? This map is about 5-6 mb huge!

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by Basinator, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Basinator


    Jul 25, 2007

    I have asked the author Steelb_l_ade and got permission to do some recherches about map compressions.

    First, the map:

    Some PMs we exchanged:


    Thing is, that ROTG is a great map, but has a too large filesize to be played on BNET (if I am not mistaken) and also a long loading time.

    I wonder - Can you grant me the permission to ask at mapper's forums if they know tricks how to reduce both?

    Is your map protected or can it be opened by other mappers in the WC3-Editor?

    Bas out!"

    "Hi dude,
    the map itsef is protected. It is this form of protection that strips out uneeded WE only files from the archive that reduces the map's filesize.
    Basically its already under massive compression and its size is teh sheer amount of code and imports,
    (the jass file alone is 1 meg of pure text)

    uncompressed ROTG is 20 somehting meg, and its already been run through 2 compression filters.

    I doubt it can be compressed any further,
    If you want to repost it to other sites be my guest, allthough please make clear who the author is,
    thank you, hope you enjoy it


    "Without any offense, I can understand there must be A LOT of code and so on. But how do other mappers solve this problem, for instance, dota? I can't guess that there is soo muhc less code in dota, actually.

    Maybe you could..lower the quality of sounds, models, textures a bit? How large is the loading image btw?

    Bas "

    "None taken,
    ROTG has vastly more code than dota.
    Dota essentially dosnt have that much code, most of it is ability based.
    ROTG comprises some 1200 vars with over 800 triggers many of which are 3-4pages long.

    It contains 250 imports, the sound frequency is only 14k htz down from 44htz,
    the textures ahve all been heavily compressed. the final size of the loadscreen comes in at around 80k.
    (its only 190k raw)
    You can get an idea by the image below.
    I did attempt to strip most of this stuff out with ROTG lite, but basically, it sucked.


    Thanks for your replies.
  2. Raven0


    Oct 16, 2010
    Nothing else you can do really. RotG is a great map, usually you just use the lite version if you wann play on Bnet.

    DotA has alot less code and (for the amount of heroes and items it has) barely uses any imports.