Tileable Corrugated Wall

Corrugated walls for modern and post apocalyptic sheds. Inspired by Fallout 2.
Always planned to do a sister-project to my dungeon tiles, which was a modern set of house walls. The bunker tiles already exists, here is another set.

To use with different colors:

(See Replaceable Texture File and Replaceable Texture File ID)
I'm in the middle of creating a couple of more pieces, but I though these was ready for upload.

Edit 1: Added Door

Keywords: corrugated, shack, shed, rusty, metal, fallout, ruin, post-apocalyptic, tileable, dungeon

Door (Model)

Inner Corner (Model)

Open Window (Model)

Opening Top Piece (Model)

Outer Corner (Model)

Rollup Door (Model)

T-Left Piece (Model)

T-Right Piece (Model)

Wall 01 (Model)

Wall 02 (Model)

Wall 03 (Model)

Wall Half 01 (Model)

Wall Half 02 (Model)

General Frank
A nice collection of shelter/shed walls and doors. Nice use of team colour for colour variations. Good job.