Thunder God

Thunder God
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Melee Hero
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Thunder God (Model)

Thunder God A (Edited by Villagerino) (Model)

General Frank
A very nice model edits with great use of textures and a good amount of fantastic details. Good job.
Level 57
Feb 14, 2018
It's weird to call him "Thunder God" when he looks like Odin. It's like calling Daffy Duck "that rascally rabbit"
You can always change the file name once downloaded. I just named the model Thunder God since he can be anyone thunder related and also I was just lazy to think of another name. :thumbs_up:
Beautiful models make me come back to them again and again ⭐
Your Thunder God is amazing and I couldn't resist redoing the empty eye socket because the perfectionism got under my skin 😵 It seemed to me that it looks like a piece of glasses and interferes with the pleasant look of the portrait. So, I did some work there:


Firstly, I removed the pupils, eyelids and their bones because these things are not visible. Secondly, I made the non-existing eye stop blinking because it is impossible to blink without eyelids. I also repositioned the eye glow and cheekbones so that it doesn't glitch anymore.

I can attach the model here if you like the result, man 👍 As a bonus it weighs 5 KB less lol.

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