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Through Snow and Ice v.2.4

Mgeterno11 Presents


Map Info:

An epic altered melee map with some miscellaneous features. You have to slay your enemies with the new spectacular spells and new mighty units.

Future update: New loading screen, and also, youtube video. Furthermore, an Arch Druid hero for the Night Elf race.

Number of Players: 10 Estimated Gameplay time: 30-60 Minutes


Gold Mines

  • Some of them contains 25000 gold.

    They are guarded by strong creeps.

    The creeps drop precious items which can increase your Hero's power much.

    Always conquer a second or third mine. This will increase your gold income very much.


Like in every melee map there are easy, medium and hard-difficulty creeps. They drop sometimes really useful items. However, beware of the creeps, because most of them are very strong. But you will claim your reward because they drop several items such as artifacts and tomes.

Neutral Buildings

There are several neutral buildings, they are guarded by creeps, except the Tavern. You can also find two custon neutral buildings, such as Artifact Shop, and Mercenary hiring lodge.

  • Four Mercenary camps
  • Five Goblin Mercants
  • Four Goblin Laboratories
  • Three Taverns
  • Two Marketplaces
  • Five Fountain of Healths
  • Five Fountain of Manas
  • and other custom buildings

Custom Heroes

There are several custom heroes which are more powerful that the standard heroes.They have spectacular and special abilities, including Auras which may increase your troops' health regeneration or decrease the enemy's moovement speed. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. You might find them helpful in harmful circumstances.

Human, Orc, and Undead have 3 Custom Heores
Night Elf has two only, but one of them has a healing spell, too.

Some else stuff about map:

Damage and Spell Name Detection

These two feaures help you alot during the game becasue you can see how much damage did the units of the enemy or your units take. You can even see the name of the casted spell, which allows you to react instantly, and try to awoid the spell.


Screenshots and Videos:










Change Log:

Added on 8th January 2017

  • Modified terrain, added doodads
  • Fixed Snow Queen's stock start delay, because she is a Tavern hero
  • Added New Minimap image
  • Added more custon icons e.g. for Target Diminishing Aura
  • Wips not longer builds the Ancient Protector. You have to build a Nature Tower, and then you can upgarde to it.

Added on 29th December 2016

  • Fixed terrain, filled up the empty parts
  • Psycho Hook is fixed, and now it has a level 6 destcriction
  • Added more abilities e.g. Cripling Arrow and Target Diminishing Aura
  • Fixed tooltips
  • Fixed item loots
  • The Dragon Island is now longer reachable by air
  • Added new upgrades for Human Race
  • Bone Thoughness no longer increases movement speed, now it increases attack and armor.

Added on 2nd October 2016
  • Fixed terrain tilesets, starting locations are filled up with trees, and added more doodads
  • Knights and Gryphon riders no longer have the animal War training upgrade, their hit points are increased (Knights->1120, Gryphons->1030)
  • Troll Axethrower no longer has the Berserker upgrade, its hit point is increased to 450, and also his damage.
  • Troll Axethrower now has the Berserk ability
  • Tri-Arrow is removed for the Ranger, and the Mass Psycho Hookspell is added to the Ranger's Ultimate
  • Fixed location leak for the Orc Pure Voodo and the Human Laser impulse
  • Added some new HD screenshots

Added on 2nd April 2016

  • Fixed some terraining issues, balanced starting locations and filled up with trees, and the north camp can also be reached from two directions, now.
  • Bandit Camp from southwest is removed, and another creep camp is added in replacement.
  • Removed blue fires due to lag reason
  • Props and environmental doodads are placed and the tileset is textured.
  • Removed the Electric Rider from the game with his spells
  • A nem human hero, called the Ranger is added with some new spells e.g. Burning Arrow, which is made by krisserz
  • Night Elf Sorceress now has the Nature Restoracion healing spell.
  • Fixed memory leaks and deleted unnecessary things
  • Added some new icons, e.g. for Moonlight Aura, and new model for the Ranger
  • Fixed disabled icons
  • Updated tooltips
  • All worker's build time is reduced to 6.
  • Updated credit list

Added on 23 December 2013
  • Modified the terrain, made the bridges wider, placed more doodads, and removed the unnecessary trees, and textured the ground.
  • New mass upgrades for each race.
  • Each of the imported spells are debugged.
  • Fixed creep camps, and placed them a bit furhter from the bases.
  • New Loading screen and minimap image.
  • More icons, custom units and models are added.
  • Updated credits list.
  • Removed memory leaks.

Added:30 Apr 2012
  • Fixed terrain bugs (pathing, doodads and terrain)
  • Fixed creep camps
  • Added more heroes
  • Added spells
  • Added more icons (included disabled version) , models and skins
  • Fixed all kinds of bugs
  • Changed loading screen and minimap image
  • Fixed description
  • Fixed tooltips
  • Fixed triggers
  • The map is now protected and its size is reduced.

Version 1.03c
  • Fixed bugs and abilities
  • Added new abilities for the Obsidian Overlord and for the Templalry Captain
  • Added disable icons
  • Win changed.
  • Fixed Spirricius
  • Added more creeps and fixed terrain
Version 1.03b
  • Fixed creep acquistion ranges
  • Fixed hero abilities and items
  • Fixed food costs
  • Fixed requirements
  • Fixed unit abilities
Version 1.03
  • Improved terrain
  • Added more heroes
  • Fixed leaks and bugs and creep ranges and abilities
  • Imported more models and icons and skins. Changed the model file of the Teleport.
  • Added a frozen UI.
  • Added more abilities.
  • Changed units and improved tooltips


Special Thanks:

  • -for helping me with the terrain by xDeathKnightx and rysnt11 and many
  • -for cleavinghammer: stating out several bugs in my map
  • -for rysnt11 making me cool ice models, a banner and helping me
  • -for Bugz, abgm, sonofjay, Darkfang, Kestuno, Kl3sk, Warchief Aeon and WK3S3K for helping me every time
  • -for UndeadImmortal: making spells for my map
  • -for Alok: helping me with fixing the spell leaks
  • -for Sellenisko:the Deathwing model from the Cataclysm AoS map and the MotherSharaz model.
  • -for krisserz: for the Burning Arrow spell
  • -for D4RK_G4ND4LF: for the Psycho Hook spell
  • -for Darkfang: for the icon of the Psycho Hook and the Death Aura
  • -and for all other users who have helped me and created models and icons which is in that map. If i have forgotten someone for the list please tell me.

Author's notes:

Please rate and comment. Thank you. If you find a bug please report it to me immediately. Thanks.

[TD] [/TD]

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

frozen,icy,freeze,cold, through snow and, ice, lots, of, creeps, gold, dragon

Through Snow and Ice v.2.4 (Map)

12:32, 30th Mar 2014 Orcnet: Map approved and renewed as recommended for game value and accepted to be played online via friends or others.




12:32, 30th Mar 2014
Orcnet: Map approved and renewed as recommended for game value and accepted to be played online via friends or others.
Level 15
Jan 12, 2011
Note: This post is only reversed for screenshots.


  • WC3ScrnShot_100216_191446_19.jpg
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Level 2
May 21, 2011
i downloaded it..

it kinda cool but out there there are more better map with cool concept

try adding something that gonna make people say 'wow how did he do that'
Level 15
Jan 12, 2011
Thanks for your help and downloading my map. :)
I am not very good at triggering and cinematics maybe you can help me.


  • WC3ScrnShot_100216_190702_07.jpg
    2 MB · Views: 3,995
  • WC3ScrnShot_100216_191841_23.jpg
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  • WC3ScrnShot_100216_192000_33.jpg
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Level 16
Jul 16, 2007
Before playing the map:
"Oh hey, I really like altered melee, i hope this one is good!"
After playing the map:
"Too hard creeps, too weak heroes."
"Same units..boring"
"OH look there, ICE GIANTS...THEY CAST REIGN OF FIRE!"(lol seriously wtf?).

Just some funny comment there lol, now for the serious part:
1.Make wider paths.
2.Make stronger heroes(chaos attack would be awesome)
3.New heroes? or even units?
Level 15
Jan 12, 2011
Before playing the map:
"Oh hey, I really like altered melee, i hope this one is good!"
After playing the map:
"Too hard creeps, too weak heroes."
"Same units..boring"
"OH look there, ICE GIANTS...THEY CAST REIGN OF FIRE!"(lol seriously wtf?).

Just some funny comment there lol, now for the serious part:
1.Make wider paths.
2.Make stronger heroes(chaos attack would be awesome)
3.New heroes? or even units?
Many thanks that you told me that. Actually, you can hire mighty units in the Mercenary camps and do you know a model which is similar to rain of fire( icy.)?
I will make the melee heroes stronger and new units, anbd edited abilities. :)
How do i make spells with triggers?
Level 15
Jan 12, 2011
Don't go off-topic. You can make one if you know how to handdle Photoshop or other crap like that.
Sorry, i will write it to the help section. Can i make animated pictures with gimp 2,too?

Thnank you GamerCreutz. Yes, i realised it that the number of downloadings have increased very much since i have imported this cool image. I have a request: would you look the quest triggers and tell me whevenever it is okay or wrong? :))
Level 16
Apr 18, 2011
"Dragon Lord" isnt supposed to be big letters :)
add the sound to the other trigger :/ which condition is the same :/ doesnt change anything.. Why you mark same quest completed twice? last created quest is Spirricius :)

Fix leaks aswell, i am pretty sure this wont lag p.p but still a good idear, make it looks pro made :)