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  • Thanks for your wishes, i am happy and fine, too. :D
    In here on New year's eve i drank champagne after midnight and stayed up for 2 o'clock at night. :D And how do you celebrate new year's eve?
    Next year i will go to a party. :) Have a nice week and good luck with everything and in your studies. I am busy at the moment, i need to study a lot.
    I am just fine, I am still making and playing melee maps. Any project at the moment?
    Sorry for not responding yet. Thanks for likink my map and downloading my icon. :):thumbs_up: Sorry, i cannot make a better one because i am good and freehand drawing and i have no vacuum pad and photoshop, i have only Gimp. I am busy, too, and i am planning to add custom races to my map but i am too busy to put the triggers to it.
    Good luck with studying I am 17 and i have to study a lot, too, so as you. Anyway, what are ypur favourite interests? Studying can be good and interesting, too, except you have to studys a lot. Well, i do not agree that you, a 13 year old student has to study a lot. I think it is too much.
    So have a nice day. :)
    lol ano masama sa pagiging grade 6?
    grade 6 na ako pero MTAP,Spelling Bee,Religion Quiz Bee,at English Quiz na ako for 4 years
    yes I do have but I don't text anymore, I only contact people within important things :D
    Good luck on your custom maps... Do you know how to use complex triggers and scripting? I don't. Can you teach me if you know how? Because I saw you trying to create that tower defense map. All DoTA style maps are hard to create and requires lots of triggers.
    Thanks for playing my map. I know it doesn't have AI for each and every player because I the AI was triggered, but it does work for player 5 if you put an AI in that slot. Go ahead and leave a comment there and rate it if you want.

    Most of the maps I have uploaded here are old maps of mine. I really do hope SoHE turns out well. I have been working on it for a while now, about 5-6 months.
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