Three Questions

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Level 3
Jan 3, 2009
My first question is increasing the amount of gold the Gold Mine starts with? i'm trying to make it a little bit larger.

Second question is there a way to make a custom hero, when inside of the faction's actual Altar, when i make a custom hero, you can build him agian. i don't want this. is there a way to make it "vanilla"?

My third question is there a way when you have a map's functions/builds/models a little bit of everything finished can you export all of the modifications and put the new ruleset onto another map. this ofcourse includes the imports.(my maps are much like the original way to play, just newer units and build setups.)

or do i have to go through the rigirous process of remaking the whole thing ???
The Gold Mine ability can be modified to increase or reduce the said amount. You can also use the action
  • Neutral Building - Add 5000 gold to (Picked unit)
Make sure you have added him in the Gameplay Constants -> Techtree -> Dependency Equivalents - Hero.

Go to Object Editor -> File -> Export all Object Data and the "Import" one to import them in your new map; beware though, they will replace the object data of your new map -if you have any-.
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